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Methods to improve babies’ reversed sleep cycles

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What method helped improve your babies’ reversed sleep cycles? (Include baby’s age at the time)
  • Letting him lead this, napping when he napped in the daytime, Mother of Jason 22 months.
  • Didn’t really have this problem except for international jetlag and then nothing really helped except time. Mother of Amy 6, Sophie 3
  • Both my babies had good day/night rhythms. What helps is to waken newborn during the day to feed and letting them sleep at night (not waking them). Mother of Poppy 3, Harry 21 months.
  • Chase did this from a newborn for probably about a month until totally reversed. Limit interaction when he wakes up at night. Don’t turn on any lights. Don’t talk to him or establish eye contact. Quick cuddle and feed, reswaddle then put him back down. Keep contact – hand on side for a little bit then rock. During the day try to keep him up a little bit longer between each feed – do this slowly – visual and auditory stimulation (not over the top though). Mother of Chase 20 months.
  • Curtains open to let natural light in, in the morning from birth and dim lights/lamps at night for wind down. Mother of Tuscany 4, Morrissey 3, Valen 6 months.
  • Happened to me when Blake first born. Dr told me to feed him every 3 hours during the day and it may take a few days to adjust but luckily it only took 1 day. Mother of Blake 3, Chelsea 1.
  • From about 3mths onwards – not talking to her when she was awake during the night. Having noises during the day, one of the curtains open during the day so she could see that it was brighter. Having her feel the sun during the day (not in direct sunlight) – don’t know if this helped but was recommended this. Mother of Kayla 4.5months.
  • Less than 3 mths baby always slept in port-a-cot in games room with all household noises, then night time was in bassinet & then later cot in bedroom I found worked best. Mother of Jorja 21 months.
  • Sticking to a routine. Mother of Rose 3y.
  • Fed her more often during the day so that she would be tired and get to know that then was when she was supposed to be awake. Mother of Melayna 5 y.
  • Increased breastfeeds during the day (ie about every three hours), and no lights on or talking at night after 7 pm. Mother of Jake 15 months.
  • went for lots of walks during the day in the pram in the first few weeks. (exposure to daylight, but with sunshade!). Mother of Annick 3y.
  • keeping him in bassinet in living areas with household noise around and curtains open I think helped a bit (0weeks-3months). Mother of Andrius 3 months.

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