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Sleep Rumbler Review and Giveaway

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Sleep Rumbler Review by Tanya

My Sleep Rumbler review came at a good time for me. I was struggling to get enough sleep and had received great recommendations.

I am a bad mum. Yep. I rock, breast feed, cuddle, pat and co-sleep to get my children to sleep. I have used different combinations of these for all 3 children despite thinking I would change after my first. Mostly these methods work like a charm for me, the problem is when other people need to put my children to bed.

My youngest is now 18 months and still likes mum to rock, cuddle, co-sleep. So where does that leave me when I go out? More importantly, where does it leave my husband and mother trying to settle her when they need to be home to supervise the other 2 girls. It leaves them in a difficult, often frustrating situation.

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This is where the sleep rumbler comes in. Pop my little one in the pram and put down the sleep rumbler, run the pram over the ridges of the rumbler and she bumps off to sleep without having to leave the house (and the 2 other children). It doesn’t work every time but does often, and certainly has made life easier.

The sleep rumbler folds in half so can be placed under the pram and pulled out when needed. A great aide to get babies/ young children off to sleep when going for a walk isn’t practical.

See the Sleep Rumbler in Action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4uTqfb_NY4

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