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SUPPORi Baby Sling Review

The SUPPORi Baby Sling is a fixed sling design (i.e. non-adjustable) made of a lightweight sturdy open weave (think Grandma’s old shopping bags). Stylish enough to be worn as a scarf too. Baby sits/hugs securely into you and it allows the wearer to have a free hand. When folded, the SUPPORi is approximately the size of a disposable nappy, making it a convenient in bag sanity saver

 Suppori baby sling review


What are your favourite features of the Suppori sling?

  • Lightweight,
  • Suppori baby Sling reviewsmall
  • adheres to TICKS guidelines for optimal babywearing (reference: http://www.schoolofbabywearing.com/Images/TICKS.pdf) (TIGHT, IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES, CLOSE ENOUGH TO KISS, KEEP CHIN OFF THE CHEST, SUPPORTED BACK)
  • Convenient
  • Can be used in the water
  • Great range of colours

Would you recommend the Suppori baby sling to a friend?

  • For taking your older child to swimming lessons and having baby with you in the water while still being able to assist the older child – yes
  • For drop off at school/daycare or short trips into the shop – yes
  • For the beach – yes
  • As a primary carrier – no
  • For long periods of time – no
  • Great for what it is, but be aware of its limitations.

General comments about the Suppori baby sling

The Suppori is excellent for what it is. For short trips (i.e. daycare drop offs), for providing a little extra support in the water or for having something stowed in your handbag/nappy bag for just in case, the Suppori is excellent. On the day that I first tried the Suppori, my ‘short trip’ into the shops took longer than I had anticipated. At about the 30 minute mark with my 10kg 9 1/2 month old I was feeling a little unbalanced, and the shoulder was starting to rub. I would certainly suggest easing into it and keeping trips short when you’re not used to the body positioning. Because its a fixed sling, there was no scope to reposition my son (for example, sitting him on my front as you may do in a ring sling), however, this shouldn’t be an issue for shorter trips.

Tip: when putting the sling on, don’t position the shoulder until your child is in comfortable and supported knee to knee. Having the extra ‘slack’ from the sling being around your neck makes it easier to get your child in, and holding up a supported child makes it easier to get the shoulder positioning right. 


What are your favourite features of the Suppori sling?

I love that it is such a small lightweight option compared to other carriers and so easy to get on and off with no buckles, straps or clips to fuss with. As a mum with a constant sore neck and back this is a really comfortable option as it doesn’t put any strain on those areas.

Would you recommend the Suppori baby sling to a friend?

I would definitely recommend the suppori sling to others especially for quick trips out or holidays as it can also be used in water.

General comments about the Suppori sling

The suppori sling comes with instructions on how to wear & a helpful YouTube clip is available showing the easiest and best way to “fit” baby / child too. Product design is great as it is so small and easy to fold into a nappy bag or under the pram basket

Suppori slings available here


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