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Expecting? Baby Equipment Checklist

baby equipment checklistA trip to the baby store can leave your head spinning! There are some things like nappies and baby wipes that are just plain obvious, but what about the rest of it? What are the absolute essentials you will need for this tiny human being? They say babies don’t come with manuals but we have the next best thing – a checklist of what new mums might need for their new bundle of joy.

Nasal aspirator

What’s it for: It suctions anything in your baby’s nasal passage and helps to keep their nose clean

Nail clippers

What’s it for: Baby nail clippers are designed to make trimming those sharp nails much easier

Nappy rash cream

What’s it for: Creams including Bepanthen, Curash and Sudo Cream are designed as a barrier to keep your baby from getting nappy rash from wet or soiled nappies. Read midwife tips on nappy rash

Baby monitor

What’s it for: You can get many different types of monitors. Monitors for just sound detection or video surveillance monitors. These will help you to hear when baby wakes from a nap.

Kick mat

What’s it for: Activity mats are excellent for tummy time and time on baby’s back. Putting your new baby on the floor is good for their development and building their core strength. Some activity mats even help baby to focus on toys and learn to reach for them using their hands and feet.

Baby bath

What’s it for: If your bathtub is too deep, a plastic, portable bath tub can make those first few months of bathing far simpler.


What’s it for: Muslin wraps and baby swaddles are an essential for at least the first 3-4 months. Babies like to be tightly bound just like when they are in the womb, so wraps are great for keeping their arms confined to help them settle off to sleep.

Sleeping bags

What’s it for: Babies are famous for doing a 180 degree turn in the cot through the night, they never end up where they started. Sleeping bags keep your bub warm when they wriggle out of the blankets and sheets.


What’s it for: This will be a blessing when your baby catches his first cold. Just fill with water and plug in and it keeps the air warm and moist to help them breathe easier through the night.

Bottle steriliser

What’s it for: For sterilising bottles and feeding utensils for your baby. There are electric sterilisers or microwave sterilisers. It really comes down to personal preference.

Sleep positioner

What’s it for: Sleep positioners help to stop your baby from rolling over during the night, especially in those first few months. They can also be good to encourage your baby to sleep with their head in a different direction if they are favouring one side to help discourage flat spots on baby’s head.

Baby carrier

What’s it for: Baby carriers can be great for the times when you aren’t able to push a pram but need to take your baby with you. There are a few different options such as carriers like the Baby Bjorn or Ergo Pouch, or a baby sling. Be sure to check for the option that is safest for your baby and most convenient for your needs.


What’s it for: A capsule can double as a carseat for babies up to six months old, and can also travel out of the car either by being carried or by fastening into a compatible pram.

Check this bonus list of additional things your baby will need by age


• Change table
• Cot
• Carseat
• Nappy bag
• Pram
• Bouncer

Four months +

• High chair
• Bumbo
• Feeding accessories
• Sippy cup
• Bibs

Six months +

• Baby gates
• Baby proof accessories
• Playpen

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What you choose to buy (or not buy) for baby! must suit you, your needs and your budget. Some things you can’t live without, some things you can – but they may make life easier! A check list is a great starting point no matter what you do or don’t buy – we think this one has great suggestions! What did we miss? What did you buy and you love? Tell us what you think!


What other items were on your baby equipment checklist? Comment below

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