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Rocking older babies to sleep

rocking older baby to sleepFor those parents who have rocked their babies to sleep, how has it worked in the later months, 6 and over? Have you regretted not teaching your baby to self-settle? Did it cause problems with their sleeps?

  • my bubs is 14 months n still needs cuddling to sleep (unless in car or pram) most nights, I’ve never regretted a single cuddle or the wonderful bond we have. Kahlia
  • Rocked fed all of them to sleep then they grew out of it..i still lay with both kids at night to cuddle them to sleep aged 5 and 2…it’s a precious time in their lives and yours, they tell me things, when they are quiet i do reflect time, it makes me stop and think so i find it relaxing…they self settle with security, trust the whole ‘they need to learn to self settle” is based on absolutely nothing…no science no research…security and reassurance is all a baby and child need Natalie
  • I rocked my boy to sleep until he was one. One day he started to wriggle and fuss about so we put him into his cot and haven’t looked back since! He will be 2 in Dec and he self settles every day and night. Good luck! Sarah
  • I used to rock my son til he was about 8 months old, then I let him cry and after about a month he just grew out of it, he has a little whinge now at 16mnths but then just lays on his pillow til he sleeps. Marissa
  • We’ve been rocking my dd to sleep since birth she’s now 7 1/2 months. She was going great at night only waking up once or twice but now it’s takes forever to get her to sleep and she’s constantly waking up during the night and I’m exhausted and not coping So we’ve decided to really try to do ss and hopefully it will help her to sleep better through the night Ashnash
  • I rocked my baby to sleep, and I loved it! Sooo many people (mostly bitter old women) criticised me for doing it, but he would not sleep otherwise. Now, he is 15 weeks old and he self settles and sleeps in his cot! I think every baby is different and some need the comfort of physical contact longer than others Mia
  • I was blessed with a good sleeper- but in saying that I held my little girl to sleep (day & night until about 5months & then day naps until about 6months) prior to that I would pretty much hold her the entire time she slept if it were day time some days! Then I just realised I couldn’t keep doing this & started with her night time sleep- put her to bed awake or drowsy & she just went to sleep! (I think it was me who was more attached to holding her to sleep!) then about a month later I thought why aren’t I doing the same in the day?! So I started putting her down awake for her daytime sleeps too & we have never looked back (she’s 15mnths now)… I also use a “TOMY” sound & lights star ($30 from big w) & it goes on before each and every sleep & she loves to focus on the beautiful murals moving on the ceiling (& it plays soft music) now if it turns off after 10mins she hops back up and turns it back in herself if she’s not asleep yet! Then lies back down & she usually falls asleep not long after that! It’s gotto the point where I want cuddles and some nights try to hold her to sleep! She gets annoyed and tosses back & forth until she can snuggle in her cot! I will add that sometimes she goes to sleep After a minute of me putting her down! And sometimes it takes 40+ mins, she plays, pulls her curtains into her cot, throws her toys overboard or whatever, she is usually happy and quiet but sometimes whinges a bit, but never full on crying.. So I just leave her there until she goes to sleep- good luck! You will love your life when you can just put them down & they go to sleep themselves! Lauren
  • I cuddled both my boys to sleep until they were about 3years old. Only stopped cuddling my 1st because I was pregnant with my second and my big belly got in the way and wasn’t comfortable for either of us. Don’t regret it at all. My second was playing in his room one night and when I went to check him he had put himself to bed and that was the end of it, Narelle
  • My son is 9 months old and I still cuddle/ rock to sleep. On the odd occasion I have to go back in and re settle. I find a routine helps.. his bedtime is 7 pm and thats normally the last ill have to cuddle/rock him to sleep until about 3 am where he may need re settling. Im going to teach him self settling soon but its just a matter of finding the right method for us. But definatly the routine has helped as he knows when to expect naps and bed. 6. This is a tricky situation I have this situation myself not with the father but with another family member (inlaw) who really wants nothing to do with us It hurt at first but now I realise if she wanted to be in our lives shed make the effort and I wouldnt be forced to make the effort all the time like I had to do when my son was born. Maybe take a step back, dont sent pictures or updates for a while and if they dont respond and dont make an effort then you have your answer. but I really wish you all the best with this as its hard. Laila
  • I rocked my baby to sleep since birth (Due to being premature he was always on me or down my shirt!! At now 9 months old, he has just learnt to settle himself and it’s a lot easier and he isn’t as stressed as what he was when I couldn’t rock him due to cooking tea or anything simple like that. I would have to rock him to sleep for hours and he got so used to that kind of motion as soon as I stopped he was wide awake. I won’t make that mistake again!! Elizabeth
  • didn’t work as she got older, she was strong enough to resist sleep and then moving her to cot woke her up, also the time to get her to skeep took longer and she got heavy. I ended up getting her to self settle and it was so much better although a little hard to start with but worth it Claire
  • my lo decided to settle herself since she was 7 mo Kaylie
  • My son was a shocking sleeper for the first 6 months and I used to rock him to sleep. At about 6 months I started rocking him gently while he was lying in the cot and at about 8 months I could just put him down with no problems. He’s now 2 and will take himself to bed and after a story will just drift off on his own. Every child is different though. Just do what feels right for both of you Kimberley

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