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self settling babiesJust wondering if any mums have any self settling tips for babies. Any advice would be appreciated

  • Save our Sleep by Tizzie Hall Alex
  • We cuddled to sleep for the first 3m then after that started to teach her to self settle. We put her down drowsy or awake but calm roll her onto her side par her back till she is calm (if she doesn’t get irritable and fight sleep we just roll her to her side) and walk out. We let her grizzle for 30sec at a time go in resettle, if she gets irate we pick up and resettle but put her back down etc… Took maybe a week of that method taking an hour and now often she lies in bed vocalising to her toy bunny for a few minutes, and either puts herself to sleep or grizzles and only needs resettling once or twice, and she is now 4m… She used to fight like a demon during the day too but is getting way better with that, she seems to prefer self settling now! I find she has to grizzle a little its like she gets the frustrations of the day out… She has a dummy but spits it out as she gets drowsy enough… This method was recommended by an old peadiatric nurse and world brilliantly for us! She also always at every sleep has white noise, she prefers the ocean Meagan
  • There are no-cry sleep methods. So put baby down and see if they settle, if not pick them up and have a cuddle and once they settle put them back in the cot. ¬†Repeat this until they are slowly settling with less and less involvement.¬†Tanya
  • Google ‘cry in arms technique’ I love it because instead of leaving bubs alone, you’re there with him to give emotional support. My lo responded so well to it, it’s like I have a deferent baby, plus he sleeps 7-6:30 and puts himself to sleep in around 5 minute with no help from me! Good luck Amy-Jo
  • After trying everything else with our firstborn, we let him cry after saying goodnight but checked on him every few minutes initially, gradually building it up. We had to be strong. Others I know have used the say goodnight, pat, sush and sneak out approach, gradually building up the distance from where they sush ie next to the bedroom door. Rachael
  • when my boy was young he never settled. I went out and brought a teddy ( or any soft toy you like) then after settling him I ahoved that teddy down my shirt and did all the house work with it.. so it smelt like me worked a treat! Also swaddling is amazing! Ally
  • If you consistently respond to baby and gently help them to sleep, gradually doing less and less over the months they will self settle when they are ready to developmentally. If you think about it as adults we need help to get to sleep, a cuddle up to our partner, reading, a bath etc. makes sense to help our little ones out while they need it too Ange
  • I put her in her cot told her good night it was time for sleep she cried for a little while I would go back up and check on her and repeat what I said to her when I put her down it took me 7 days of doing this day and night sleeps and she finally got the picture of what happening she now looks for that sleep on the dot Christie
  • We used the Tizzie Hall method (somewhat loosely) and it worked for us.. It’s sometimes hard to stick to, but we found once they (twins boys and a third son) self settled, life for all improved immensely! Good luck! Donna
  • Google Masada settling techniques. Sally

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