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Study Advice For Stay At Home Mums

Study Advice For Stay At Home MumsAdvice from other mums who choose to study from home, did you find it was too much or is it possible?

  • It’s is definitely possible! 7 years, 3 children (only had one when I started) a lot of time management, late nights and stress but I did a Bachelors of Criminolgy and Criminal Justice. Words can’t describe the feeling when you finally finish. Helen
  • I studied from home I now have a diploma and a full time job in the field I studied. It is hard but it is possible. I did a lot of my study after my children were in bed and/or before they got up in the morning. My children were 9, 8 & 6 when I started and I used it to set a good example of what working hard with study can achieve. Kim
  • It is possible if you are fine with housework on the backburner and kids at school/daycare, or studying late into the night … was a bummer but at the end of it you make your resume look better so I guess you deal with the bad to get the good stuff! Tamika
  • i am trying at the moment. Only doing a cert 4 that i started through work b4 i fell and didnt complete much. Only have till march to finish off. I am finding it a bit difficult as, as soon as i sit down bub wakes up or needs something it seems. He is only 5 weeks old. Just need to manage time a bit better and i feel like i will be able to get it completed. Stevi
  • Definitely possible but you need to allow extra time! Depends on your baby too. My bub was a serial catnapper so it made it really hard to get any work done when he was napping. And by evening I was too tired! Just meant that I enlisted the help of grandparents and uncles and used time when hubby was home to cram in assignments. Most unis can be pretty flexible and understanding. I’m doing my final prac for my bachelor of education in March, then I’ll be done. (A 4 year degree in 8 years, although I’ve only had a child for 1.5 of that, the other years I was travelling and studying!) Elise
  • I studied part time at home when my bub was newborn until he was 1. Was great. I found it the best time to study. Part time was probably enough tho. If your looking at unis i found griffith easier for external study than qut was Kerri
  • I’m trying to finish Med Admin Cert 3 & a workbook for promotion…… Whilst on MATL. I have to say since my LO has been having longer naps (2 hrs), and able to be happy with the activity centre (independent) it’s more doable. I do my assignments/work in the mornings- find he has a good sleep then & I’m functioning better (afternoons I need a nap!)…. My LO is nearly 6 mths & I’ve only just picked up the study. Amelia
  • I did a cert 3 within 4months with work prac, when my little one was 10months old. I didnt find it too hard but I cant imagine getting much done now she is almost 2.5yrs. I did early morning study mostly as my brain doesnt function at night. Up before 5am while bub was still asleep. Its certainly doable. …im contemplating returning to study but scared with no.2 due soon that I wont manage the juggle. If theres a will theres a way Emma
  • it’s possible, you really need to make the most of nap times and study at night. If possible even have a day or soon daycare so you can get a long block if study time. Bronwen
  • It is do able if you are organised. I do mine at night, and try to just through the week so that the weekend is left for movie and snuggles time with my fiancé. Justine
  • very possible. . I am studying from home.. i set 3 hours aside at night..when my daughter was little i would also put her in childcare or get my parents to have her a few hours on the weekends to. It is hard but time management is definitely key to doing it Rosemary

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