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first trimester

First Trimester: What to Expect

Welcome to the first trimester! So you’ve just been given the exciting news that you’re expecting… You’re a mum-to-be! Aside from the emotional roller coaster mainly fueled by your hormones …

12 Week pregnancy screenings

12 Week Pregnancy Tests

Take the confusion out of your 12 week pregnancy tests, and learn what is being measured, what is involed and whether it is covered by Medicare.


Implantation Bleeding – The Facts You Need To Know

Q&A: Describe your implantation bleed -how soon into your cycle did you experience it?

Maternity Leave Australia - What Am I Entitled To? Picture of a newly pregnant woman

Maternity Leave Australia – What Am I Entitled To?

Ready to start thinking about maternity leave? What maternity leave are you entitled to in Australia? What can your employer demand and what can’t they demand? CLICK HERE to get the facts before you have that conversation with the boss!

Bleeding after Conception Advice

Q&A: Who of you bled after conception? And How long did you bleed for?

First Trimester Baby Bump Pictures

Baby Hints and Tips members share their baby bump pictures

exercise during pregnancy

Expert tips: Exercise during Pregnancy

How to keep motivated to exercise during pregnancy, and exercise tips for each pregnancy stage.