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Woman with menstrual painsWho of you bled after conception? And How long did you bleed for?
* always discuss and concerns or bleeding with your dr or midwife*

  •  Not at all. Nothing.    Kelsi
  •  7 weeks. I spotted for 2 days. I had an ultrasound and they were satisfied it was just implantation spotting. Healthy baby boy.   Ashley
  •  Had spotting with first at about 7 + wks an miscarried at 9/10wks. Spotted and had larger bleeds with 2nd through to 13 wks due to hemorrhage but everything was fine, had great pregnancy.    Mel
  •  I had a heavy bleed around 7 weeks (thought I was having a m/c, but there was no pain) went for u/s and found I had a sub chorionic hematoma. Rest of Pregnancy was fine; I was monitored closely with ultrasounds in first trimester.    Carley
  •  Had light spotting app 6wks. #3 had a cpl of bleeds at 11.5wks. Thought I was losing my baby but after multiple ultrasounds he was very very happy.    Natasha
  •  I was spotting in April but I just thought I had a light period…little did I know I was 9 weeks pregnant!   Terri-Ann
  •  I bled everyday from week 5 through to week 12. My hcg levels kept going up (my doc did blood tests continually) and had an ultrasound every 2 weeks. Referred to a private obstetrician who couldn’t find an explanation, just said it was one of those things. I was petrified it was a miscarriage but went on to have a healthy baby girl.    Carly
  •  I had tiny spotting at 8 weeks. Then bled on & off from 29 weeks. 6 bleeds, 2 massive ones. Ended up being placenta previa. DD was born at 35+5. She was always fine. It was painless bleeding all the way through.    Joanna
  •  Had a very heavy bleed with my first successful pregnancy – scared the crap outta me after already having one miscarriage. Then with my second had a fair bit of bleeding – found out we had lost one of the twins, then after it all settled down had another very heavy bleed.  Have two perfectly healthy girls now.   Anne
  •  I did for a day or two.   Samantha
  •  I bled for a few hours around 6 weeks & on the same day experienced extremely painful cramping. So painful I could barely walk or sit down. Had some scans & bubs heart was beating strong. Bled lightly throughout the birth & delivered very healthy little girl at 41.4 weeks. Cycle didnt return until she was 21months old Good luck xx    Hayley
  •  I bled 4 times before I was 10 weeks, not really heavy though.    Amanda
  •  I had a major bleed at 5 weeks found out it was a sub chronic hematoma. Another big bleed at 17 weeks bled for 2 weeks. Had a filamentous cord insertion. Healthy girl born at 40 weeks.    Jodie
  •  With my 1st I bled every month until I was 19 weeks pregnant. Didn’t find out I was pregnant until 18.6 weeks. The docs believe I was carrying twins. After we found out I had 1 more bleed for 2 days. We now have a 4 yr old healthy boy, But in saying that everyone is different. Good luck with every thing xx    Sonia
  •  During my last pregnancy (my 4th but I have 3 who made it) I had a massive bleed at around 5/6 week mark. They thought I had lost bub. But when they scanned me I had a good strong heart beat but an irregular shaped placenta that was bigger then it should have been. After checking everything out they came up with the assumption that she should have been a twin but I lost one and kept one. I was bleeding for weeks afterwards and just had to wait it out to see if she would hang around. I ended up with a lake in my placenta that they kept a close eye on. But it worked out in the ends she is now just over 2.    Jolene
  •  I bleed 3 times . The week I found out I was pregnant (5 weeks) and two other times were in my 5 month.    Carly
  •  Nothing for me either, wow it’s actually pretty common!    Danielle
  •  I had what I thought were normal periods with my 1st for the first 3 months didn’t find out I was even pregnant till 11 weeks and 3 days. Has bleeding at 31 & 35 weeks roughly unknown reason she was born at 38+6 happy and healthy. Had an episode of spotting with my 2nd also unexplained at about 21 weeks. Then my 3rd pregnancy I started spotting and turned into heavy bleeding unfortunately bub didn’t make it.    Melissa
  •  My son was conceived over 18 months ago, I have yet to bleed.    Hayley
  •  I did, just a light bleed on & off for about 3 days out of the week. At that stage I would have been around 4 or 5weeks pregnant. Had a positive pregnancy test 2weeks later as all tests up till 6weeks came back negative. Had an ultrasound to be safe & estimate gestation as I also suffer PCOS but all came back healthy & normal. Now have a beautiful 14mo little girl.    Should add my sister had light bleeds every month around the time she would have been due for a period throughout her pregnancies. Doctors were satisfied it wasn’t anything to worry about & all 3 children are strong & healthy now.    Katerina
  •  On and off from 6-12 weeks. Nothing heavy just spotting.    Tracey
  •  I bled with my third……a lot!!! She came out perfectly healthy at 34 weeks!! Did worry a lot about it at the time but they found no apparent reason for it so I stopped stressing. If the doctors don’t worry about it then why should we?!!    Kristy
  •  I bleed right through my whole pregnancy, had a threatened miscarriage at 12 weeks but ended up having bub at 26 weeks. Second pregnancy no bleeding.    Cindy
  •  I did from day 1 until I was 9 weeks…. Best thing was we didn’t think we were pregnant due to the bleeding so I was 8 weeks before we knew I was (made time fly!), only realised when I threw up 2 mornings in a row… Thought I’d do a test (explained why I wasn’t ovulating ha ha) I was worried about it but none of the dr or midwives seemed fazed. We have a healthy 18 month old. Good luck.    Jessica
  •  I am currently dealing with a hemorrhage in the “babies layers” which means I’m not bleeding my blood I’m bleeding the babies.    Amber
  •  I spotted off & on with my first up until 12 weeks & with my second I spotted from implantation up until about 12 weeks with varying amounts of blood. I have 2 healthy girls, 2 years & 10 weeks.    Tina
  •  I had implantation bleeding, about 5 weeks into the pregnancy… wasn’t really a lot, more like a spot or smear when I wiped after the bathroom then it stopped.    Kendall
  •  I had spotting only for a few days with #4 everything was fine with bubs & he is noe a happy healthy 10wk old.    Beck’
  •  I bled lightly around 6 weeks for a day or 2 and then again at around 12 weeks I had a huge gush of blood while at the supermarket and then light spotting for the rest of the day, the rest of my pregnancy was perfect and healthy.    Kelsi
  •  I had heavy to light bleeding on and off til the last trimester. Had a few ultrasounds which showed tearing of the uterus. Everything was fine and have a happy health baby.    Sarah
  •  With my second I did for 2 days. It was when my cycle was due. I didn’t know I was pregnant, until the 12 week scan and I was almost 16 weeks pregnant not 12.    Amy
  •  Yep number 3 I bled from 6weeks up to 20weeks, I had a few clots near the placenta (heamatoma sp?) My baby is a healthy 10weeker now! Was scary though as I miscarried just before falling with her.    Kristi
  •  I can’t remember spotting with my daughter, but my last pregnancy I bled lightly for 4 days when my period would have been due. Was told it was normal, but I ended up miscarrying at 12 weeks.    Kate
  •  I had regular periods all the way through with my 1st. Nothing with my 2nd.   Jodie
  •  I did right up until 20 weeks. Was nothing major but was on and off until I reached 20w 5d, Was admitted for monitoring at 19w5d but everything was fine in the end! We had a very healthy gorgeous little girl!  Midwifes told us, it’s not uncommon, but just something they prefer not to see!    Katie
  •  I did with bub no.4 while I was bf no.3 I was referred to a hospital specialist as it turned out to be a hematoma so its always best to get it looked at professionally.   Naomi
  •  At 5 w 4d had spotting for about half a day, went had a ultrasound and everything was fine and his little heart was there beating, no bleeding again.   Alana
  •  I started bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant, heavily for a few days then spotting for nearly three months due to a sub chorionic hematoma. Baby was fine the whole time thankfully.    Jessica
  •  I did with first just spotting, with second I bled on and off the entire pregnancy. Everything was fine though, happy healthy 5yo and 20 mth old.   Mel
  •  I bled the how time they call it a show.   Ashleigh
  •  I had one or two spots of blood on implantation with my second, bfp about a week later (did not test earlier), no bleeding with my first.   Bec
  •  No bleeding. But I had a cramp and then vomited.    Melissa
  •  Tiny blob the first time implant bleed and the other 2 pregnancies no implant bleed at all..   Melissa
  •  With our daughter. I had bleeding on and off from 12 weeks. She is now almost 18 months. With our next pregnancy I thought I had my period at first and then it happened again a month later, unfortunately our baby didn’t make it.    Stacey


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