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Throwing food from the high chair

throwing food from the high chairMy 9 month old baby is going through a stage of throwing food from the high chair to the floor. Does anyone have any gentle ways to discourage this?

  • Don’t pick the food up, it can be a game for them. Put the high chair on a cloth or tarp and let them throw the food. Ignore the food until feeding time is over. Then clean it all up later. This might help!! Laura
  • I would say “we don’t throw food on the floor, it’s gone now” and didn’t pick it up till bub was finished. I think if you pick it up whether food or toys they think it’s a game. I always feed her in the kitchen (on tiles) so easy clean up. Kathryn
  • My son’s 14mths and still throws or drops food. The more you tell off or discourage the more it will occur. So unfortunately I don’t think theres any magic advice for stopping it Just modify what you are giving him so its less messy for you to clean up or use a mess mat under the highchair Brenda
  • High Chair Food Catcher! ‪www.mummaslittlehelpers.com.au It saves the stress of cleaning the floor every time and when bub throws and misses the catcher I just pick it off the floor and throw it into the catcher like a game and he usually only throws into the catcher now, like it’s a net. The other benefit is sometimes they throw their food but really do want to eat it so this way it doesn’t land on the floor and you feel icky about giving it back. Your catcher is clean and therefore safe for food return! I like using mine when I go to my friends place with pets for that reason as well. Lyndsey
  • Tell them No we dont throw food and if continues take the food away. So they dont have the opportunity to throw it. Solange
  • Its actually a part of development. Your baby is learning about gravity. Nothing I did changed it and it still happens now, at 20mths. Buy a sheet of plastic to cover your floor (I bought plastic tablecloth off the roll from Spotlight), that you can take out and hose off. Or invest in a dog, lol. And revel in your child’s learning Nikki
  • It’s a developmental thing they do. Don’t punish them by taking the food away – they will not understand this and babies need to eat! It’s all part of being a baby and learning how the world works. Be patient and ride this out. Shereen
  • Put them on the floor. It’s not as interesting to throw from there and they stop. Kelsey
  • I started holding out my hand as she was gearing up to throw a piece of food and praising her when she put the food in my hand vs throwing it. Now when she’s finished she hands me her bowl ( started this at about 8 mos now she is 12 mos) Taryn

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