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When to express breast milk

when to express breast milkOur Baby Hints and Tips community share when is the best time of day to express breast milk

  • My midwife said 3am is the best time. Even if ive just breastfeed feed bub at 2am ill still get 120ml expressed at 3am but might only get 60ml at the utmost any other time during the day. My 7 week old is starting to sleep longer at night so sometimes she misses her 2am feed and I flood the pump as soon as I look at it lol. Sheri
  • Early morning is better and between each feed. Daniella
  • It depends if your exclusively pumping of breastfeeding and pumping extra for a stash or increasing your supply. After breastfeeding you can express about 30minutes after every feed or trick your body into thinking your baby is feeding at a particular time if you want to pump 1-2 bottles in one go. They say prolactin levels are highest between 1-5am (why, I don’t know… Biology has wicked sense of humour). If your exclusively pumping try to mimic your bubbas feeding schedule as much as possible. Personally I get the most when I first wake up and late at night. Amelia
  • First feed of the day. Kate
  • ¬†After last feed through the night usually 2am ish (baby was sleeping through so I had to pump) would get a few hundred ml in the shower with a hand pump was great too. Tamara
  • Morning after first feed for day. Night time after last feed. Melissa
  • Morning bc during the night the fill up. Lol. And/or night same reason. Erika
  • Through the night and in the morning after feedings. I also pump out ny letdowns. This way he doesn’t choke on it and ge gets the fatter hind milk.he won’t eat if im too full. Christina
  • I find expressing in the morning after first feed, i get more. Also pumping at night before bed, if you are trying to get a stock pile in the freezer. Sarah
  • Between 8-10am, if mine skips a boob I can express 120-180mL. I only do it if she skips though! Joanne
  • 4am. Amy
  • Morning is best to do it as that’s when your milk production is at Its highest, but in saying that it depends on your personal preferences & your baby’s feeding & sleeping routine. I usually did short sessions right after he fed as that was the easiest way for me to manage. Kayla
  • Morning. Julia
  • Express what is left after each feed. Melissa
  • After a shower. Morning is easier than night also. Abbey
  • A short session between every feed, I’d get about 20ml (one letdown each breast) say 5mins each breast and in a day I’d have enough for a bottle. Elana
  • Early morning. Ellen
  • The only time I can is first thing in the morning before any feeds. Kate

What time do you find it best to express breast-milk?

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