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Tips to keep unswaddled baby in one place when asleep

unswaddled-baby-in-one-placeLooking for hints and tips to help my 4mo ds stay in one place while he sleeps!?! (If that is even possible!!!) he doesn’t wear a sleeping bag/gro-bag and isn’t swaddled and he doesn’t like being tucked in too tightly; hence the difficulty!!! Up until the last week he’s been perfectly fine, but he’s so desperate to be on the move – he rolls and commando shuffles all over the place – even in his sleep!!! He’s waking up 5+ times a night now because he’s cold due to having shuffled up the other end of his cot, rolled over and got himself wedged in a corner with no blankets (we live in TAS). Any suggestions to help him stay where it’s nice and warm!?!

  • have heard of a product called Safe T Sleep. It’s like a sheet that you put on the mattress and then a small part is kinda separate that you wrap around them. Helps babies that roll onto their tummies at night but can’t roll back as it keeps them in the same position…..http://www.safetsleep.com/ Larissa
  • Like others have said I would suggest a sleeping bag with appropriate layers underneath to keep him warm. I’m personally wary of anything that restricts movement in the cot due to safety concerns and potential impacts on development. I have had two wriggly babies and just rode the phase out with both of them. If he hits the side of the cot and cries out maybe wait to see if he settles again before going in – I often found they would cry out in their sleep but resettle quickly however if I went in there it would wake them up. Good luck. Amy
  • You may just have to get him in a sleeping bag. Short of tying him down I’m not sure how you are going to stop him moving. I actually don’t want to stop my lo moving as I’m worried this will cause problems with his rolling and crawling Shannon
  • An oil heater in his room Kristy
  • Purchase a safe-t-sleep Renee
  • I would try a gro bag Joanna
  • we use a snugtime sleeping bag from myer as my little gurl hats having blankets in her and she has plenty of room to kick her feet around in it still and she moves all over her cot from one end to the other Kim
  • Love to dream bags or 2.5 tog sleeping bags?? Our 11mo is a wriggler day & night, so blankets are not a safe option. He sleeps well in the sleeping bags which are 2.5 tog & they give him the freedom to move. We buy 18-24 months as he’s tall – we’re in the Adelaide hills. Good luck Lori
  • Just dress him real warm it isn’t uncommon for a bubs to uncover themselves. I have my bub in her pj’s and one size up onsie over the top. Ie, she is a size 0. So she’s in her pjs and a size 1 onsie. Justine
  • theyre just learning. He will stop. Put him in a sleeping bag do he stays warm but can still move around Natalie
  • it’s a developmental thing. He’ll get past it on his own Cas

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