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Ultimate advice for starting solids

Ultimate-advice-for-starting-solidsWhat is your ultimate piece of advice for our mums about to start solids?

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  • A child might gag on new textures that’s normal yes but I wouldn’t be letting my child choke on food. If they are choking on their food they probably can’t tolerate it. Always supervise when introducing new foods especially finger foods. And introduce one new food at a time so u can pin point any allergies that may arise. Rhiannon
  • Remember that under one, food is for fun. They still get the bulk of their nutritional needs from their breast milk or formula. So don’t stress if they’re not eating much. I do baby led weaning here as that’s what works best for my family. Vanessa
  • Ultimate piece of advice, Baby Led Weaning & don’t start too early Gabrielle
  • follow your babies lead not your own inpatience and need for them to eat…read Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley it will make you think twice about purees Natalie
  • Wait until they are ready, and if that’s not until they’re 9 months old then so be it. You’ll know they are ready, you won’t be able to eat near them without them grabbing your food off you! Elana
  • My dd is 9.5 months old. She started on puréed food at 4 months. Moved on to finger food at 6 months. Now she eats everything and feeds herself. 3 meals a day and is still BF. she has her sippy cup for water and drinks plenty of it. Never choked on food either. Next step to introduce cutlery Millie
  • If they cry, stop and try again later (: Jacente
  • Choking and gagging are different. Gagging is normal, choking is not Jennifer
  • My 7month old eats 2 solids per day. Can be 2- 10 teaspoons. Still on 6 bottles. At his age not too worried about him eating more at the moment Zarah
  • my bub is one now and I have found the best way to get her to eat is just let her use her fingers who cares if there is a mess she is eatting which is great Amy
  • My daughter never ate more than about 3-4 spoonfuls a day until she was 2.5 Amanda
  • Just keep trying. My daughter never ate mate than a spoonful until she was 10mo Tamara

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