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Community Reviews – Vasectomy Brisbane

Is your family big enough?  We took to Facebook and asked for recommendations and reviews by real local families on the best clinics to get a vasectomy Brisbane wide.  Here’s what our families recommended.

What to know before you go!

REcommendations for a Vasectomy in Brisbane - sad and worried looking testicles

Vasectomies may not be forever!  The amazing human body is so efficient at healing itself that it’s not at all uncommon for a vasectomy to reverse itself.  There is mounting evidence that Cautery (cauterising or burning the vas deferens as opposed to cutting or blocking it) is more effective as a permanent birth control solution with up to 99.7% effectiveness.  No matter what method your doctor chooses, it’s vital to get the results checked regularly or you could find yourself expecting a bundle of joy!

Which type of vasectomy should you choose?

Vasectomy in Brisbane has come ahead over the last few years!  There are two (technically 3) main ways for doctors to access and alter the vas deferens.  These are both quick, simple and relatively low risk.  They’re far safer than tubal ligation in women and 99.9999% less painful than birth!

Conventional Vasectomy

This is where a urologist uses a scalpel to make two 1.5cm long incisions into the scrotum to access the vas deferens.  These are used to access, cut and tie the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra.  This kind of vasectomy requires stitches which can lead to complications related to infection.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy and Minimally Invasive Vasectomy

While these are technically two different procedures (because of the different instruments used) there is no noticable difference to the patient.  There is only one incision point on this kind of surgery and it is smaller so no stitches are required after.  Current data indicates that these procedures have fewer post surgical complications.

Top Recommended Vasectomy Clinics Brisbane

Queensland Vasectomy

Dr Sheehan

Suite 5, Herston Health

298 Gilchrist Ave, (Cnr Gilchrist Ave and Herston Rd),

Herston QLD 4006

3180 1505


Reviews of Queensland Vasectomy

  • Dr Sheehan. No scalpel method, DP had it done on a Thursday, was mowing the lawn Saturday morning with no pain. I got to watch the procedure.
  • Queensland Vasectomy was really great! We recommended it to a bunch of friends
  • Queensland Vasectomy is amazing
  • For us, QLD Vasectomy was $586 then you get back straight $280 straight away
  • My husband went to QLD Vasectomy in Herston. In and out within 40 mins.

Greenslopes The Vasecomist

Dr Dick (not even kidding)

643 Logan Road

Greenslopes 4120

Phone: 07 3073 5177


The Vasectomist Reviews

  • Dr Dick has a great sense of humour and it was pretty relaxed.  Husband was stressed so it was a good choice for him
  • Quick and easy and not much follow up pain

Greenslopes Private Hospital

Urology Department

121 Newdegate Street


3847 7999


Reviews of Greenslopes Urology for Vasectomies

  • My husband went to the GP first and got a referral to get it done at Greenslopes hospital. It was a really quick procedure. He didn’t even need pain meds after the anaesthetic wore off
  • My husband automatically got referred here when he asked his GP about it.
  • You can’t just book in, you need a referral for this
  • Quick and easy.  Not like going to a hospital for a “women’s procedure” where you wait for hours  🙄

Queensland Vasectomy Clinic

12 Riverview Terrace

Indooroopilly 4068



  • My husband went to Qld Vasectomy Clinic at Indooroopilly, he got in right away and had no problems.  Got about half back on Medicare

Dr Winkle

Move over Dr Dick…Dr Winkle is doing vasectomies too!

5 Mater Private Clinic 550 Stanley St Suite 4

South Brisbane, Queensland 4101

3846 3536

Dr Winkle Reviews

  • He is very easy to deal with, and answered all my husband’s nervous questions

Other highly recommended vasectomy clinics close to Brisbane

Vasectomy Clinics Logan, Redlands and Ipswich Areas

Rosewood General Practice


Bulk Billing Vasectomy Clinic Near Brisbane

14 John Street

Rosewood 4340


Reviews of Rosewood General Practice Vasectomy Services

  • Rosewood General Practice was really great but there was a seven month wait for bulk billed vasectomies.
  • My husband went to Rosewood General Practice – but the wait was three months.  They were really good.  Recommend
  • Recommend Dr Sahba at Rosewood General Practice
  • It was pretty quick and we had no problems.  Took four days to recover, not much pain at all
  • Wait list was long but he recovered fine.  He was playing soccer three days later
  • Dr Saba is very good but slow.  Recovery was less than a week.  Buy some frozen peas hahahah
  • My hubby and my dad went to Dr Saba. Zero out of pocket. Zero problems. Zero complaints.
  • It’s an old school doctor’s surgery, so don’t expect a glamorous place
  • My husband just had it done  completely bulk billed at Rosewood but there is bit of a waiting list. We have no health care card.
  • Rosewood is completely bulk billed and you don’t need a referral
  • There is a waiting list and the blokes have to answer questions before you can go on the waiting list!


Logan Village Pioneer Health

Shop 1, 2-12 North Street

Logan Village 4207

5547 0541


Reviews of Logan Village Pioneer Health Vasectomy Services

  • Husband just recently had his done here, he was freaking out but he seems fine now.
  • Staff are really nice.  The doctors are really nice.
  • It’s about $480 for a vasectomy and Pioneer Health but you get around half back from Medicare
  • My hubby went to our local GP Dr fox at Pioneer Health Logan Village was about $400… my hubby was back at work 2 days later
  • The medical centre at Logan village did my partners. Cost $450 he only had a local down there. Was in and out in half hour. That was over twelve months ago and no more babies here.



The Vasectomist Capalaba

Suite 8, Level 1
2 Loraine Street

Capalaba 4157

Phone: 07 3505 5919

  • Totally recommend The Vasectomist at Capalaba
  • Dr Beatty is really good at Capalaba


Vasectomy Clinics North Brisbane

Aspley Vasectomy Centre

1311 Gympie Road

Aspley 4034

3862 8811


Reviews of Aspley Vasectomy Clinic

  • I think it was $400 out of pocket and $50 back from medicare
  • Yep my husband went there to and Dr Robert burns was so personal and good couldn’t be happier
  • My husband went 3 months ago cost $400 got $50 back from Medicare Dr Robert Burns at Aspley
  • My husband recently had the snip at Aspley Vasectomy. There is a well known doctor there who also goes south brissy too. No problems👍

North Lakes Bulk Bill Vasectomy Clinic

6 North Lakes Drive

North Lakes

1300 677 647


Reviews of North Lakes Bulk Billing Vasectomy Clinic

  • The clinic in North Lakes charges $150 for consultation with $71 back from Medicare and then the procedure is all bulk billed
  • My husband went to Scalpel Free Clinic that bulk bills at North Lakes. Highly recommended. $150 pay straight up $71 back on medicare. He said he couldn’t believe that he was feeling so good. He said 1st day felt like a kick in balls but otherwise that’s it. Swelling was only annoying thing but he didn’t put peas on for 2 days he should have put on earlier.

Other recommended vasectomy clinics in North Brisbane

  • Family planning centre $150 in Windsor i am and out in half an hour, best decision ever!!
  • Dr Silver at the Gap. Took about 20 mins, I barely had time to order a coffee! Booked for a Friday so had the weekend to recover. No probs going back to work on Monday.  You can have the consultation and the procedure in the same day there so good for husbands who shouldn’t have time to back out!
  •  www.vasectomyclinicbrisbane.com At The Gap. They were great for my hubby and very affordable.
  • Andrew Perry at Clontarf Bridge Medical
  • Dr Gus Abiad at redcliffe GP Super Clinic does vasectomies. He is amazing
  • Dr Julie Martin at Telegraph Road Clinic in Bracken Ridge
  • Sandgate Surgery. In the arcade between chemist warehouse and bottle shop at Sandgate!

HELP NEEDED – Can you recommend a Vasectomy Clinic in Brisbane?

We’re always looking for ways to support local families.  We need your recommendations!  Have you had a terrific (or not so terrific) experience with a Brisbane vasectomy?  Please do comment below so we can update this article and give the best possible information to mums and dads in Brisbane.

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