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Wanting birth partner with you during childbirth

Wanting Your Birth Partner With You During ChildbirthI am 33 weeks along in my first pregnancy- my fiancĂ©e last night baulked when I suggested he should be there for the ‘whole’ labour. Seems he thinks he’d be more useful at work than with me in the ‘early’ stages of childbirth. I’m pretty scared of what’s going to happen and am upset he doesn’t want to be with me. Was your partner with you for your first labour? Am I expecting too much?

  • It really depends on your personal circumstances , are you struggling financially?? If you are then maybe he is trying to earn as much as he can so when the baby is here he can afford more time off . I personally was there from start to finish, a sleepless night beside my wife after she was induced, to early morning contractions and leaning over the bed for 5 hours to the early afternoon emergency C section. Duane
  • My husband was there the whole time! You do not know how long your labour will be so I would suggest he be there the whole time. My labour was less then an hour!! So if my husband was not there from the start he would have missed it. Good luck! Emily
  • My hubby was with me for most of my first labour. At 24 hours in he went home to sleep but 5 hours later he was back and almost 5 hours after that bub arrived! Kate
  • My husband was by my side from the moment it started! you might be lucky and have a quick birth and he might miss out or unlucky and have a long Labour but he needs to be there not at work Louise
  • I was there with my wife and even though our darling girks was only born 2 weeks ago, to me it was something that will live we me forever due to the feeling it gave me that I cant put into words! Your partner will kick himself if he misses the burth of his child especially if it is your 1st. Best of luck. Gene
  • Chain the bastard to the bed with one od of those machines that men and wear to stimulate labour pains! LOL Trudi
  • I was with my wife both times and even took a couple of days after to stay with her. In labour, the baby could come at any moment and it’s life-changing. It’s just a moment you don’t miss. Now the things before the baby comes would be a little much but that depends on the severity of missing work. I went to most of the doctors appointments and such and especially the parts where you got to actually see the baby. That’s simply bc I felt that it was a moment I should share with her though. I wouldn’t say that it’s expected but if you can make it then I would recommend it for just the fact of being closer bc of it. Isaac
  • He will most definitely regret not being there, it’s something that a father simply can not miss! My husband was very excited to be there for both of our children’s births, going in he said he wasn’t going to look down that end and would only stay up my end to hold my hand…but yeah that all went out the window! No doubt about it that it is the best thing you as a couple will ever experience! He may think it’s gross now but after going through it he will change his mind, I was so proud when I overheard my husband telling one of his mates how awesome I was at giving birth “yeah man, she’s a machine, no drugs and pushed him out in under 4 hours”…. guys change when they become fathers! Miriam
  • Definatly not asking too much. He is the person you will want most around you. He helped create this baby he should support you the whole way through. Good luck! Alex
  • My husband was still up in mines when my waters broke, we tried to slow my labour down with an epidural at 8cm so he could make it, he got there just as I was pushing, the 2nd he was there from when my waters broke but missed the birth as was only a 2 1/2 hour labour and i had bubs in the ambulance on way to hospital as he was driving behind, so between 2 births he seen the wnd and the beginning lol Leanne
  • My partner stayed by myside for days in and out of birthing, he want home for a night as I had no contractions that day but ended up being rushed to hospital and he got there only 2 mins after he stayed the whole time and didn’t leave the room till she was an hour old ( by that time my parents, my sister and sister inlaw were all there so he new I was in safe hands) Natalie
  • My partner and I were actually on a break when I was admitted to hospital with pre eclampsia, but to give him all credit, he did not leave my side, rang in sick to work and was there for the 3 days leading up to my c section and every day since! Danielle
  • Mine wasn’t the first time called him to come in when i was halfway only cos he does shift work. Sandra
  • Yes my partner was, which was nice, but I also had my mum. What if he has the option of being at work (as long as you have support) but when you call and say I need you now, he has to come regardless of what point of labour you’re at. If you are dead certain you need him then he should respect that. Francesca

Was your partner their for your labour and birth?

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