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Most comfortable clothing for labour

clothing for labourWhat did you find most comfortable clothing for labour? In all stages? It will just be myself and Hubby in the room with the midwife.

  • Always intend to wear nightie or singlet…end up naked. Brook
  • I got a big ugly huge black maternity dress from Kmart with my first, it was like $9 or something, it looks like a tent but is so very comfy so I wore that with #1 and #2 and I’ve packed it again for #3 next week, it’s easy to chuck on after the shower and covers everything up Bec
  • I found it easier to wear just the hospital gown if they get messy it doesn’t matter and they are light to so makes them even comfier also makes it easier form examinations during labour Sam
  • Had a gown on for 2 hours out of 11…. Naked the rest. So much easier, went from bed to bath to shower back to bed and just easier to keep it off Lauren
  • I just had a sports bra on lol. By the time u have been examined a few times u have no cares what’s on show and after heavy contractions for a few hours Ur too warm for clothes lol Em
  • I was in a hospital gown the whole time but I was stuck on the bed because of being induced. I bought a couple of black nighties from Kmart but didn’t use them. Kellie
  • Nothing! I hoped in the shower as soon as I could and by the time I got out I didn’t want anything touching me. Natalie
  • I had a tshirt & undies on. I had my partner, my mum, & the midwives in the room. Tshirt was on until after bub was born Sherree
  • Hospital gown. Most comfy for me. Jamie
  • I ended up naked as I had an unplanned water birth but I was just going to wear a big mans t-shirt. Angela
  • I just had the hospital gown on, it didn’t matter if it got messy. Sarah
  • I bought a nightie a cpl sizes bigger than necessary but ended up being put in a hospital gown anyway Nikki
  • I’d say a big t shirt or nighty! I had to wear a hospital gown, but your own clothes would be nicer! You have to keep your bits in easy access to be checked for dilation etc! But honestly, when it came to pushing him out, I took everything off, coz I was so hot…. And at the time, I totally didn’t care! Rachel
  • I was just in undies and a crop top bra. Undies came off when it was almost go time. I did have a little night shirt thing but I couldn’t stand anything on me I was too hot Karli
  • Just a tank top/track pants … Lost pants early on but kept on tank. Chloe
  • Undies and a ‘ah bra’ crop top. I would’ve felt too constricted in a nightie or gown. Easy access for midwives to listen to bub and ok to wear in bath and shower too. Just rip the undies off when needed and top came off after bub born. Tamsin
  • Just a nightie. When your contractions become more intense, you have to take your clothes off and wear a hospital gown. Kelly
  • A nightie from kmart they’re anywhere from 4-10 dollars as they are only going to get dirty and for the days in hospital wear loose clothes shorts&singlets and I suggest to buy a size bigger underwear cheap ones that you can throw out after cause I guarantee they’ll end up being dirty. Katisha
  • I started with a loose Tshirt with a crop top and yoga pants. Ended up in a hospital gown when I had the epi and in just a sheet for pushing. I got really hot! The midwives are really good about keeping you comfortable and covered, if you let them know that’s what you want. Kat
  • Hospital gown #1 then singlet and undies #2. Don’t waste money buying anything. Large mens shirts are good too Emma
  • I just wore my bra as I was in the shower on a birth ball. Wear something that is easy to get out of if you want immediate skin to skin after bub is born Jessie

What was your choice of clothing for labour?

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