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Milestones – What age did your little one start to roll?



Rolling babyMilestones – what age did your little one start to roll?

  • My 8 month old still isnt rolling. She hates being on her tummy. Just prefers to be sitting up or in her play centre. Im in no hurry for her to start moving Kerry
  • One week ago at 5 months. She had been rolling into side from about 3 months. Jade
  • My little one just started rolling tummy to back a few days ago at 4 months 3 weeks. He is more interest in sitting and standing, has been sitting since just before 4 months. Kelly
  • ds rolled from back to belly at about 51/2 months then belly to back few weeks after that Whitney
  • Both my girls were around 6 weeks Leah
  • My daughter rolled from tummy to back at 4 months (more of an unintentional flip lol) and back to tummy at 7 months Victoria
  • Our daughter rolled from on her belly to her back around 6 months but didn’t do back to belly until 8 months. I thought she would never do anything but then she started sitting, a couple of weeks later crawling and then walked at 10 months. Emma
  • My man rolled for the first time the other day 12 weeks. His brother started at 8 weeks Amy
  • From tummy to back nearly 11weeks Still waiting for her to roll from back to tummy at 4months. Ashleigh
  • Just on 5months for back to tummy. Just before 6months for tummy to back. Auri
  • About 3-4 months old Jessica
  • My LO started rolling at 6weeks Renee
  • My son started rolling back to tummy at 4 months, and tummy to back 2 weeks later Jo
  • 8.5 months still doesn’t roll, he’s lazy lol Renee
  • My baby girl is 5months now she rolled tummy to back at 3 1/2 months and back to tummy a few days before turning 5months just have plenty of tummy time and they will do it when there ready Aimee-Jade
  • My eldest started rolling at 12 weeks, my bub now started at 14 weeks (both from tummy to back) Michelle
  • My little one started to roll at 4 1/2 months but all babies do so in their own time so try not to worry too much Jacqui
  • Two months old Anastasia
  • My son never rolled over until he started crawling at 8 months he just skipped that stage Donna

What age was your baby when they started to roll?

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