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When to get in the birthing pool

Pregnancy - pregnant woman natural water birthAm having my first home/water birth (my 5th pregnancy) and have been told not to get into the water too soon as this can slow the contractions down. But i have also heard that a lot of women use the birthing pool the entire time and they find it great. Usually i stand in a hot shower the entire time so not to keen on the waiting idea. What are other womens experiences with this?

  • I labor in the bath my first labor 10hrs was in the bath for 5hrs. Second labor 7hrs was in the bath for 6hrs Third labor 13hrs was in the bath for around 9hrs. My opinion is labor where you are the most comfortable Kershel
  • I gave birth 6 wks ago via water birth I laboured in the bath at the hospital from 4cm that was at 4pm at 9pm my little guy was born. I had a difficult pregnancy and a water birth was the most amazing experience, it was so relaxing and I was able to be calm and follow through with my birth plan. Do what you think is best for you and your baby. Listening to our bodies in childbirth is so important. Goodluck and congratulations! Alishya
  • the birthing pool was wonderful helped me to relax and not tense up for contractions so helped labour quicker Wendy
  • I had a homebirth with my first and planning one with my second one. Congratulations for making this decision. I slipped into the pool when my contractions where about 7 min apart. I think the water really helped me with painrelief and just made me more relaxed and less fearful. After 6 hrs my contractions slowed down and I needed a rest in my bed for about 1.5hrs. After that it was quite quick, another 1.5hrs. All in all, I told myself I will walk for longer and get into the water later on the next time. But now I do hope I will be able to listen to my body and go with the flow of the moment. Birth can’t be planned! Cosima
  • I water birthed in hospital, they had me spend the entire time before in the shower (about 2-3 hours) and I only got into the bath when I was 9.8 dilated and pretty much ready to start pushing. Once I got into the bath I would have been in there for about 45 minutes I think and then bub was here. I got to reach down and pull her up out of the water which was amazing, I loved it Samantha
  • My water birth was amazing I found anything that calmed me down and relaxed me made things work a lot faster!! Vanessa
  • I got in the pool after a sweep was done, and it stopped ALL contractions for the next 12 hours!! Kerryn
  • I was in the pool for 6hrs. If you are relaxed and breathing slowly it won’t slow down your labour. Terri
  • Do what feels right. I’m heading in for my 3rd water birth in April and they’re always a little different. Trust your body to tell you what it needs. Hayley
  • I went to hospital qt 9cm ans got straight on the water. It relaxed my body for about half an hour which i needed as getting in the hospital was a bit stressful. Then pushed from there. I only heard that if you are doing a water birth then you use other forms of pain relief in the first stages then get in to avoid slowing down at 5cm for example. Stephanie
  • I just into the pool as quick as I can!! And I don’t know about slowing labour; my first was 6 hours & 2nd & 3rd were only 2 1/2 hours long.. Water didn’t slow them down at all lol Sarah
  • During the labour of my son (first bub) I went between birth pool, gym ball and the shower. I waited until I felt like our bub was really trying to make an entrance before I got back in the pool and it was bliss! Our home water birth was the most amazing experience of my life and I hope we’re able to do it again next time! all the best x Emily
  • I’ve had 2. The first time I laboured completely out of the water (I was standing the whole time) and only got in just before pushing. It only took a couple of pushes. For the second I wanted to get in earlier, and yes my contractions did start slowing down. As soon as my midwife made me get out and stand up things sped up again and I had him in 10 minutes. If I go a third time, I’ll definitely be doing it like the first time. Jaime
  • I had a home water birth with my second. I used the shower until I knew I was in established labour. My midwife arrived at 2:10am and I hopped in the bath. My son was born at 3:34am. If you find it slows things down then hop out and try again later. Karina
  • I was 7cms when i got to hospital and staight in the bath from then on. I used the shower at home. My labour was 8 hours all up (second baby). Bethany
  • You could do both, use the hot shower for pain relief then hop into the pool when you’re a good way along, maybe 7-8 cm. Jodi
  • I had a hospital birth but I stayed in the bath the whole time til she was actually coming and it didn’t slow it down Sam
  • With my last they put me into the bath to relax me, don’t think it slowed them but definitely calmed me down a bit. Mandy
  • my first two labours slowed and I had no contractions for half an hour after getting in the pool, then it was all on. so I dont think it made too much of a difference. My third which was a home birth I didnt believe I was in labour, hopped in the pool and had one contraction twenty minutes later then pushed out my beautiful wee girl. Ashlee
  • I tried for a hospital water birth and got in at 7cm , was bliss and was falling asleep between contractions but because I was so relaxed they started to die off and they had to get me out and intervene , my labour was over 30 hours so just be prepared incase it can’t happen the way u want, but after 4 already you’d know that by now hey! good luck Madison
  • We had a home water birth too and it was the best! Showered and bath first, fit ball/tens machine and then when the tens machine wasn’t helping much, in the pool til the end! Worked a treat. Best of luck! Ally
  • I really wanted a water birth and got in the pool as soon as I could I thought it was great and really helped with the contractions. But once I was in 3rd stage labour I couldn’t stand the water and had to get out I felt like I couldn’t keep my head above the water during the contractions. I was devastated because I was relying on the water as pain management but found at the end the buoyant feeling made the contractions more painful to my back (bub had his back to my back) Nicole
  • I was going to have a water birth. But it slowed my contractions down heaps so I went in the shower until it was close to time to push. I gave birth on the bed Melanie
  • A bath only slows down false labour, real labour isn’t effected, in fact relaxing helps! I hopped in the bath when my contractions were frequent but irregular! And they started coming regularly every 4 minutes! It’s very soothing! Rachel
  • I practically sat in the bath my entire labour, and it progressed just fine. Everybody is different though Melissa

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