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3 Reasons I’ll be doing the Elf on the Shelf (None of Them are Because he’ll tell Santa They’ve been Naughty!)

Elf On The ShelfElf on the Shelf is a contentious little fellow. Mums seem to either love him or hate him with not much room for opinion in between.

One of the primary reasons people seem to be against the Elf (and the same reason for which many completely adore him!) is that he can be used as a tool for reinforcing positive behaviours and curbing negative ones. If this works for you – awesome! If you hate this idea I can also understand why. Disciplining by ‘nanny state’ as it’s been sensationally called is not for everyone.

But for me, discipline is nothing to do with why I love our Elf Ned.

If you are considering an Elf on the Shelf for your family let me share with you three reasons I’ll be Elfing in my home (again) this year.

The Elf is part of creating memories & building traditions

Your most valuable possessions as a family are the memories that you make together. These memories are what binds you and makes your family strong and loving. Traditions are another way that we create memories. When you look back at your own childhood, what are your happy memories of Christmas? What are the things your parents did to make it memorable for you year after year? That’s the same feelings I hope to evoke with our Elf.

I hope my children look back and remember the Elfing years fondly. Even more so I hope they might continue the traditional with their own families. Tradition is a wonderful thing – creating your own new traditions is a great way to build on what you’ve inherited from your own childhood. As the saying goes, ‘At the heart of every family tradition is a meaningful experience’.

The time for whimsy & magic is short – embrace it! 

Children today grow up rapidly and with more external influencers than generations before them. The time where magic is real, eyes are sparkling wide in anticipation and fantasy is a beautiful thing is truly fleeting. I want to enjoy this time and make the most of it for them (and for myself). I want my children to feel as much whimsy and believe in as much magic as I can offer them before their innocence is whisked away.

Elf on the Shelf is just another way to celebrate this special time in our children’s lives. The days may be long Mums but the years are short. Don’t miss an opportunity to let your little person ‘believe’.

Mummy has a secret crush on the Elf herself…

I’m not embarrassed to admit it – I love Ned our Elf. I love the joy he brings my children and the fun that goes into his planning. I delight in the happiness he spreads in our home and I genuinely miss him when Christmas is done. I love the children’s excitement and I love knowing I’ve created that. The Elf doesn’t just make my children’s Christmas spirit strong; he’s part of mine as well. And you know what? You’re never too old to believe in the magic!

Will you consider an Elf on the Shelf this year? Why do you love your Elf on the Shelf? Or why do you choose not to have one? Tell us what you think!

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