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The Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas this Christmas

Get your Elf on the Shelf moving this Christmas season with some ideas that will have your children loving the magic of Christmas.  We don’t just have the biggest list, we’ve got the ultimate list of BEST Elf On The Shelf ideas this Christmas.  We’ve compiled a mega list of creative and fun ideas to delight your children – plenty for every day of December!

If your elf forgot to move, we have you covered with some of the best excuses of the season.  If you need to buy an elf, we have the cheapest in Australia right here. And if you are feeling lazy, here are some simple Elf ideas for the lazy mum.

We have a full list of the BEST Elf on The Shelf Ideas:

  • Ideas for the elves arrival
  • Ideas using food
  • Ways to pamper your Elf on the Shelf
  • Elf on the Shelf reporting poor behaviour to Santa
  • Elf on the Shelf playing games
  • Elf on the Shelf hanging out with animals
  • Elf on the Shelf being mischievous
  • Elf on the Shelf needs help

Arrival and farewell of the Elf on the Shelf

Start off the Elf season with a welcome morning tea.  Let the whole gang welcome your Elf On The Shelf and officially kick off Elfing season!

best elf on the shelf ideas - A welcome morning tea for your Elf on the shelfGoodbye to our Elf

After spending such an exciting Christmas together, a few creative Elf on The Shelf farewell ideas can help your little one get closure on the silly season.  Nobody likes it when Christmas ends, so think about making their goodbyes great!

goodbye from the Elf on the Shelf - Best ideas for saying goodbye

Food related Elf on the Shelf ideas

The elves were hungry, not sure they opened the right packet… The best Elf On The Shelf ideas are always naughty ones!  There’s nothing more delightful to your toddler than a cheeky elf getting the best of mum!

Elf on the shelf and some dodgy cookies
The cheeky elves finished the ice-cream overnight.  Some unhappy kids when they wake up!

Best Cheeky Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Breakfast time for the cheeky elves. And they made a mess again!

Tip: this would work just as well with one elf.

elves enjoying breakfast - best Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Weetbix tower is one way to start the morning.

Tip from the creator:

Weetbix don’t stack so you will need a hot glue gun for this creation.

Grab some flour and make elf snow angels

elf on the shelf snow angels - Best Messy Elf On THe Shelf Ideas

These elves made sprinkle angels.

elf on the shelf makes sprinkle angels - best EOTS Ideas This Christmas

The elves are having a bake sale.  Come buy a cupcake

the elves are having a bake sale - Best Elf On The Shelf Ideas This Christmas

Whipped cream and you have Elf on the Shelf Cake Splat

elf on the shelf cake splat - Top EOTS Ideas For Mums

The cheeky elves are popping popcorn in the microwave.

elf on the shelf popping popcorn - Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas
The best Elf on The Shelf Ideas result in breakfast being ready surely!  Get your cheeky elves to create some Elf Pancakes (kid piklets) for the morning ahead.  Two birds, one stone.

elf on the shelf make pancakes - best Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Christmas Or have your Elves leave you some pancake mix for breakfast – let the kids help!  What could go wrong, toddlers are always a BIG help in the kitchen, right?

elves leave a note about pancakes


TIP: With Skittles around the plate and warm water the colour will seep out and make a rainbow

Elf on The Shelf Craft Project

The elves having a hot chocolate with their reindeer friends. And making a mess AGAIN!

hot chocolate feast with the elves and pet reindeer - Huge List Of The BEST EOTS Ideas

Elf goes shopping in the pantry, complete with his own shopping list.

Elf on the shelf shopping in the pantry

Elves doing some decorating with the Sharpies.

elves doing some decorating

Elf On The Shelf Gets a Job!

elf snack stand

Cheeky elf using up the sauce

cheeky elf using the sauce

Elf is making more mess.

elf on the shelf making a mess again

Elf lemonade stand

elf lemonade stand

Pamper your Elf on the Shelf

Keep your elf clean with a nice, relaxing bath

Elves having a relaxing bath

Pampered elf

pampered elf

Your Elf can enjoy a day at the spa to unwind after the chaos of Christmas.

elf on the shelf at the day spa

Elf on the shelf relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book

elf on the shelf relaxing with a book

Relaxing Elf

relaxing elf

Elf sauna

elf sauna

Elf on the Shelf needs help

Oops, we hit the wrong button on the remote. How do we get out of here?

Tip. How to recreate this

Download this photo and save onto a USB that you can plug in to the TV or computer

elf on the shelf pushed the wrong button on the remoteThe Lego gang have teamed up on the poor Elf

elf captured by lego

Elf in trouble

elf in trouble

MUM! Elsa froze the Elf

elsa froze the elf on the shelfElf is stuck.  Isn’t it time you got the best of that cheeky little dude?  This is the best Elf On The Shelf idea for kids with big imaginations!

elf is stuck

Elf has broken bones!

Elf has a few broken bones

Elf stuck to the wall

elf stuck to the wallElf stuck in the dryer

elf stuck in the dryer

Elves enjoying some games and sport

Tip: you can get lots of mini games from $2 stores and Kmart

Elf games night in with the girls

elf games night with the girls

The games continue with a hit of mini golf

elf having a game of mini golf

Connect 4 with Jemima!  Does your Elf love a good game?  Who doesn’t want to play with Jemima!

elf and jemima playing connect 4Karate elves, showing off their black belt skills.  Kids love Elf On The Shelf ideas that mimic their own lives and interests.  Why not set your Elf up for some sporting glory this Christmas?

karate elvesElf dance studio.  There’s nothing so elegant as an Elf in a Tutu….

elf dance studio

Elf on the Shelf being mischievous

Elf wrapped up Grandma and Grandpa!

elf on the shelf wrap up grandma and grandpa

Elf just monkeying around.  The best Elf on The Shelf ideas this Christmas will be elves up to no good at all!

elf on the shelf up to no good

These elves like to just hang around.  Lots of streamers and some strings between photo hooks will do the trick for these Elf shenanigans.  The best bit is, this Elf On The Shelf streamer maze will keep your own cheeky little elves busy all morning.

Elf on the shelf just hanging around

MUM! Look what the elf did!!!

mum the elf decorated the toilet room

Decorating the kitchen.

TIP: use stick on bows

decorating the kitchen

I was just trying to shave.  Oops, I think I made a bit of a mess.

shaving mishap with the elf on the shelf

Elf on the Shelf ate too much chocolate.  Lucky he found the kid’s bum cleanerscheeky Elf on the Shelf bum cleaner

Naughty Elf on the Shelf cut Barbie’s hair – oops.

Naughty Elf on the Shelf cuts Barbie's hair

Elf has been decorating the family photos

cheeky elf doing some decorating

Cheeky elf has tied his sister to the train tracks.

Tip: this would work well with one elf and another toy.

elf tied his sister to the train tracks

All aboard with the elf on the shoe train

all aboard the shoe train with the elves

Ice, ice baby. Its very cold in here

ice ice baby - thats one cold elf

Do you want to build a snowman?

elf and the snowman

Elves up for a spot of fishing.  Hope they catch something.

Tip: this would work well with an Elf and another doll.

Fishing Elves

I came in like a wrecking elf

i came in like a wrecking elf

Elf helping with parenting. #winning

Elf can be a great way to modify that cheeky Christmas behaviour.

elf on the shelf warns the kids to behave

Consequence elf: stop being rude to your mum in m&ms from an unhappy elf

note from elves

Elf had to fly to the North Pole to talk to Santa about the children’s behaviour.

elf on the shelf letter

The elves can be cheeky, but they are also great at encouraging kids to do the right thing.

elf reminding kids to brushWe are watching

we are watchingBehaviour to do list from the elves

to do list from the elves

Elf on the Shelf hanging out with animals

Just sharking around with their new friends!

elf just sharking around

Elves looking after the animals on safari.

elf on the shelf looking after animals on safari

A visit to the zoo

elves visit the zoo

Fun Elf ideas

Lucky and Jewel Elf got married!  Like moving your Elf On The Shelf into the doll house, this is the best idea for little ones who love a little romance in their lives.

Tip: This could work with an elf and another doll eg Barbie

lucky and jewel elf got married

Make your Elf On The Shelf a Lego doppleganger!

elf in the lego

These elves get pretty dirty!  The best Elf On The Shelf ideas are always squeeky clean, despite what you see on Pinterest!

elf washing day

Elf On The Shelf Photo Wall.  Celebrate your Elf’s family tree with some disturbingly similar portraiture.

elf photo wall

Hang Gliding Elf On The Shelf Idea

hang gliding elf

Creative coke sleigh and reindeer Elf On The Shelf Idea

a coke sleigh

Elf hospital

elf hospital

Got a Minecraft loving kid?  Who’s to say that your Elf on The Shelf isn’t a big gamer fan too?  The best Elf On The Shelf idea for Minecraft mad kids ever!  Set your kid up with a play buddy, but remember, if you touch him, the magic is gone!

minecraft elf on the shelfBest Elf On The Shelf Ideas start in the doll house.  Pack the dolls up or invite them for a spot of tea!

elf cafe is open

An elves work is never done

elves at workPin the nose on Rudolph

pin the nose on rudolph

Elves on space hoppers

elves on space hoppers

Simple ideas

Cheeky Elf put undies on the Christmas tree.

elves putting undies on the Christmas tree

Playing a game of hide and seek

Everyone poos.  A cup and a few chocolate buttons and you are set!  As always the best Elf On The Shelf ideas involve cheeking mum, or poop.  What is it with toddlers and poop?

elf on the toilet

A mission from your Elf

elf sets a missionElf the mechanic

elf the mechanic


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