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5 ways to fill the day with a sick child

fill the day with a sick child

When you get sick, it isn’t fun and when your child, your baby isn’t feeling well that isn’t a great deal of fun either for you or them! It can be hard to get through the day with their spirits and your own high so here are some great tips on what you can do with your little one.

  1. Movie Snuggles

Grab out a favourite movie (maybe even one from your own childhood, The Little Mermaid is still a favourite of mine today!) and snuggle up on the lounge with a big warm blanket. Popcorn is optional but delicious.

  1. Paper Airplanes

Who doesn’t love making some paper airplanes! The best part is when you race them; see which can go the longest and shortest distance – maybe even a best out of three. Not only is this a great mathematical experience but fine motor too. Don’t forget to decorate your airplane; red ones go faster, promise!

  1. Get Play Doughing

Play dough is so simple to make and there are even so many different recipes that you can explore (like cloud dough). The best part is it can be made from things that you have in your house. Make it scented or if you little one has a blocked nose, why not add some glitter or make it coloured with some paint. Make letters, faces, animals or even something your child is interested in.

  1. Bake up a Storm

Get in the kitchen and bake some cookies or cupcakes. Your little one can help add the ingredients, stir and even transfer the batter to the patty pan or tray. If savoury is your preference, why not make frittata or pizza.

  1. Build a Fort

Use those chairs, that table and cushions. Don’t forget the sheet. Read stories inside or create imaginary dragons that are about to come in from the outside.

carly lloydCarly is a new mumma to her eight month old daughter Scarlett. She is an Early Childhood Teacher who loves working with the under three year olds and has been blogging since 2008. She currently finds the time to update her blog Life Will Never Be The Same on weekends and will always post photographs to her instagram account.


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