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Parenting and pregnancy abbreviations

This is a list of some parenting and pregnancy abbreviations commonly used. We suggest avoiding them when possible, to avoid any confusion.

AP – attachment parenting

BF – breastfeed

BIL – brother in-law

BM – breast milk

BLW – baby led weaning

CHN – Child Health Nurse

CIO – cry it out

CC – controlled crying

DD – darling daughter

DH – darling husband

DP – darling partner

DS – darling son

EBF – Express Breast Fed/Feeding

EBM – expressed breastmilk

ERF – extended rear facing

FF – formula fed

FIFO – fly in fly out

FIL – father in-law

FTM – first time mum

IMO – in my opinion

IUI – intrauterine insemination

LO – little one

LOL – laugh out loud

MCHN – Maternal Child Health Nurse

MCN – modern cloth nappies

MIL – mother in-law

NB – newborn

OH – other half

PCOS – poly cystic ovarian syndrome

SIL – sister in-law

SO – significant other

SS – self settling

TIA – thanks in advance

TMI – too much info

TTC – trying to conceive

TWW РTwo week wait (the two weeks between ovulation and the day your period is meant to show)

UTD – up the duff

VBAC – vaginal birth after Caesarean



AF – Aunt flo/period

HBAC – Home birth after caesarean

HB- home birth

IMHO – in my humble opinion

SSMWLHCI – super star mum who loves her child immensely

UHB – unassisted home birth

Do you have any abbreviations to add to the list?


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