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Avoid sunburnt kids – watch UV not temperature

We are all becoming very aware of the need for sunscreen, hats and staying under cover to protect our children and ourselves from the sun.  However I still hear a lot of people saying its not a hot day so we don’t need sunscreen.  It is very important that we stop looking at the temperature to determine when we protect ourselves from the sun and start watching the UV index.   This is especially important in Australia we have one of the highest levels of UV exposure and highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

Avoid sunburnt kids - watch UV not temperature

Sun protection is required when the UV is over 3!

Why watch the UV to avoid a sunburnt baby

Your kids and you can still be sunburnt when it is cloudy, overcast and on cooler days if the UV is over 3.

The sun has 3 types of radiation.  Visible light (what we see), infrared radiation (felt as heat) and ultra violet or UV (can not be seen or felt).   On a cooler day there is less infrared radiation but this does not mean the UV is lower.  UV exposure from the sun is the major cause of skin cancer.   UV exposure is also one of the main ways our body makes vitamin D.

What is the UV rating scale?

UV levelRating
1, 2Low
3 – 5Moderate
8-10Very High
11 +Extreme

Where can we find the UV rating?

You can find the UV rating at the Bureau of Meteorology. Once the UV is over 3 it is important to use sun protection.

Sunsmart baby

Keep your child’s sun safe by reading our tips, written by our GP, on staying sunsmart.  Felicity shares her 10 best tips to look after baby’s skin in summer. If your child won’t keep their hat on, we have some ideas to help encourage them to say sunsmart. 

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