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10 tips for looking after your children’s skin during summer

by Felicity (from The Karma Soap Company)

The weather is hot, hot, hot and our children’s sensitive skin can be easily damaged by the harsh Australian sun and heat. Here are some ways that you can protect their skin while still allowing them to enjoy themselves outside:

10 tips for looking after your children's skin during summer

1. Water

Keep up your fluids drinking as much water as possible to replace the water you loose through sweating. Your body is 60% water and your skin is the largest living organ in your body, so replacement of fluids is necessary.

2. Balanced diet

A balanced diet can sometimes be hard, and some of us simply don’t like to eat when it’s hot. When I think of summertime I automatically think of all the beautiful fruits and vegetables available. Fresh smoothies, Juices and Icey poles are just some of the ways you can keep your littles ones cool and they’re Fruit and Vegetable intake high without them knowing it!

3. Sunscreen

Over the last couple of years Sunscreen has improved so much. You can now purchase sunscreen for Sensitive skin, Children and even in the pump sprays. It is great to get the kids into the habit of applying sunscreen a couple of times a day when the sun is shining.

4. Hats

The good old Truckers Hat as almost become a fashion accessory, although it is better to get the kids into wearing a wide brimmed hat to help protect ears, shoulders and back of their neck. The legionnaires hat (truckers cap with a flap at the back to protect the neck and ears) made a great comeback in recent times, especially with schools.  Tips here to help your baby keep their hat on.

5. Clothing

The last thing we usually think of wearing in summer or those 40° days is a long sleeved shirt. Covering up your skin is a great way of protecting your skin from sun burn. I see many different types of fabrics available to protect the skin and keep cool at the same time. Any garment that allows the skin to breathe and be sheltered from the sun is worth investing in.

6. Shade

If you are playing outside on a sunny day, please erect a shade for the kids so they are not in direct sunlight. A shade may be a beach umbrella, a shade sail or even a portable gazebo. Please take care if it is windy.

7. Water activities

Swimming and playing under the sprinkler has always been a fun way for the kids to cool off on a hot day. It’s one of the best ways I know of to cool the bodies core temperature down fast. If this is what your kids are doing, invest in a ‘Rash vest’ or ‘Swim shirt’ for them as water reflects the sun rays and it is very easy to get sun burnt this way.

8. Bath time

So you have spent the day in and out of the water at the local pools. Please still pop the kids into the bath to wash with a gentle soap (goats milk is great) to make sure all that chlorine is off their skin. I recommend a product called Moisture Bath to help restore some moisture to your skin.

9. Moisturising

Skin can sometimes need a couple of applications of a good moisturiser to help repair itself. In these hot days it is important to use a moisturiser that is light. When I talk about a light moisturiser I mean one that will absorb into the skin quickly and not leave an oily film. A heavy moisturiser can clog your pores, make you feel like you’re suffocating and retain body heat.

10. Rest

I think this is one of the most important things we can do for our body all year round, but we all know how much a hot day can exhaust you even if you don’t do anything. So indulge yourself and have an afternoon nap if possible, if not try getting to bed earlier that night.

With these tips, and a bit of common sense, it is possible for your child to not only enjoy this wonderful weather, but also decrease the damage done to their very sensitive skin by the sun and irritants like chlorine.

Felicity O’Donohue is the owner of The Karma Soap Company, a business making their mark on families across the world with their handmade Goats Milk Soaps, Moisturisers and other wholesome skin products. Felicity is a busy mum to two little boys, Riley and Mackenzie. Riley has Eczema and Mackenzie has sensitive skin. Not wanting to constantly rely on using steriodal creams, we looked into alternative products and fell in love with not only how well Goats Milk products helped, but the way they made everyone’s skin feel. For further information please check out our website or facebook.

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