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Sunscreen: Our Mums Tips for Kids

Mother's hand applying sun block cream on baby noseChoosing a sunscreen is a daunting task. There are some great tips here from other parents. Some useful articles here from the cancer council:

8 Months

4 Months


Which sunscreen for an 8 month old?

  • I used to get the ego baby sunscreen from chemist , especially formulated for delicate skin. Filiz
  • I personally wouldn’t use sunscreen on a little baby, but would dress them in appropriate clothes that cover the majority of their skin and ensure they are kept in the shade. Juliet
  • We use the arbonne baby sunscreen. it’s great & perfect for sensitive little skin. Simone
  • We use a banana boat sports one on our son as its waterproof but hes a bit older. Just check the bottle make sure the instructions dont say do not use on babies and maybe do a test patch? Tiffany
  • Most of the kids ones are fine. A study was actually done which showed the cheaper sunscreens did the same job if not better than the more expensive sunscreens.I was in woolworths today and they had a whole lot half price-including the kids ones. Just get one that 30+ or more. Briony
  • There is a banana boat kids one. It is great. Lydia
  • I use the Banana Boat one. It’s in a pink roll on for babies. Sally
  • My son has sensitive skin & I use the Hamilton Sensitive….it’s mild on the skin but he’s never been burnt whilst using it. Erryn
  • Using sunscreen on a baby is perfectly fine! I used to use banana boat baby one it was roll on and pink bottle as my son had a reaction to the cheap stuff at daycare at 6 months. Jessica
  • I used banana boat on my then 6 month old. Worked great and she is fine. Emma
  • I have always used the pink roll on banana boat on my 2. Kirsty
  • I also use the sensitive baby banana boat one i think its in a pink bottle or a roll on. i used it on my dd when she was 2months old my doctor said it was fine to use her skin was fine. Nicole
  • I use banana boat kids it’s in a pink bottle can get it almost anywhre for around $8. Kirstie
  • Banana boat. Mel


Which sunscreen for a 4 and a half month old..if possible a ‘natural’ product/brand?<

  • I like Hamilton toddler milk 🙂 Sarah
  • Not sure about the natural but the cancer council has a toddler one and they will give you a free sample to make sure bub isnt allergic. Eryn
  • Ego Sunsense Sensitive – it is reflective as opposed to some other sunscreens which contain UV absorbers. Erika
  • Not so much natural, but works great. It’s called Key Sun Clear Zinke for babies and toddlers. Suitable for sensitive skin. Nicole
  • I think I’ve got the banana boat one, I guess it’s not so much natural but it works. Kristie
  • There is a naturals brand baby sunscreen white pump bottle with a little purple baby with the writing baby sunscreen. Eliza
  • There is a neutrogena one that I used on my son from a baby & he has sensitive skin & it worked great without any reactions. Kylie

 Do you have a sunscreen that you prefer to use on your babies or kids? Add your tips below 

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