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Baby measuring small on ultrasound

baby small on ultrasoundI’m mid way through my pregnancy and was told at the ultrasound baby is measuring small. What’s your experience with this?

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  • I was told baby measured small with my first child. I had weekly ultra sounds.. She was born at 5p11, she was born perfect and healthy, just wanted to be small baby. She put on weight very quickly after birth. I’m now over half way through my second and they have told me the same thing — I’m not concerned as its starting to look like I just carry small babies… It’s not all bad news when they tell you that your measuring small Rachel
  • I was in the same position. They monitored 2 times a week for about 6 weeks and as my baby was breech they advised c-section to not put any undue stress on baby. Born at 2.25kgs, Now she has caught up and perfect. You know your body and always get yourself checked out if you feel something is wrong. Lisa
  • I had the same thing and he was small 2.09kg so be prepared for this too. I read a lot similar posts from people saying they said my baby was small but came out much bigger – this was not the case for me. When they noticed he was small ( about 24 weeks ) I have to have regular ultrasounds, every two weeks to ensure he was growing and at 37 weeks I was induced. He is now 3.5 months, still small but perfectly health – just a small package as the paed said. Stephanie
  • You have to remember it’s based on an average. Everyone is different in size. My baby measured 2-3 weeks smaller each time (for memory around 37th centile) but dr wasn’t concerned as there was continual growth. In the end she was born 3.21kg (7lb 1oz) but she was 10 days overdue. I don’t think you need to be concerned if there is consistent growth. Rebecca
  • My first Bub was born via emergency C-section at 34 weeks in foetal distress. He was 1.8kg (had Inter-Uterine Growth Retardation I.e. small for gestation – nothing to do with being mentally retarded) and had to be in the Special Care Nursery for 3 weeks (with a few days on CPAP to help with his breathing). His measurements were a tiny bit small at the 20 week scan but at that stage the Ob said it was nothing to be concerned about and we would see where he was sitting at the 35 weeks. I got to 34 weeks and noticed decreased foetal movement so went in early. Lucky I did or the outcome could have been very different. During this pregnancy I was morbidly obese and gained 13kgs . I lost 50kgs (via a vertical sleeve gastrectomy) before having my second Bub hoping this would help avoid the problems I had with my first. This pregnancy I was in the healthy weight range and actually lost 8kg due to morning sickness and my restricted food intake. At the 20 week scan he was on the 30th centile. I then made a huge effort to eat healthy calorific foods (dried fruit and nuts, avocado, cheese, milk, yoghurt, dark chocolate etc) to try to put weight on him. I had two weekly growth scans and was very closely monitored by my Ob due to my previous history. I finished work early at 32 weeks and rested up big to conserve energy. He finally jumped up to the 50th centile by week 37 and I went into labour naturally at week 38. He was born at 2.8kg and was perfectly healthy. My advice, eat healthy, rest up, have regular growth scans and try not to stress. Laura
  • I was told both of my kids would be lucky to hit 5 pounds. They were 6 pound 5 and 6 pound 9. Not huge but better than maybe 5 pounds. Try not to worry cause they arnt always correct. Rachel
  • Don’t stress! I was told my baby was extremely small, 19th percentile at 32weeks and 15th percentile at 37 weeks, 2 days before my c section due to low fluid. My bump never grew over 28cm and I had a perfectly healthy 6 pd 7 bub. And we were home before he was 24 hrs old. He is 4 weeks now and is still in some 00000 but is growing everyday best of luck. Teeka
  • Both of my girls were born small. 1st was 2.65kg born at 39 weeks and 2nd was 2.59kg at 39 weeks 1 day. My second was found to be small at 32 week scan so I had to have a wellbeing scan twice a week and a growth scan every 2 weeks until she was born to make sure everything was functioning properly. They were both perfectly healthy at birth. I just make small babies! Jacqui
  • My baby dropped to below 8th percentile at 35 weeks. He was 3.4kgs at birth & had a big growth spurt at the end of my pregnancy obviously but my tummy was always measuring small the whole way through. Don’t worry Christina
  • Both my boys measured small. The eldest weighed 7 pounds exactly at birth and my youngest (they induced me because they were concerned about low birth weight and him not getting enough room to grow towards the end) and he was born a healthy 6pounds 9 ounces (2.95kgs). I myself was tiny and only born at 5pound 15ounces. Both boys have grown and developed properly. Both breastfed for 4 months min each. Please don’t get too worked up sometimes the docs are just to cautious but better safe then sorry I say Stayc
  • At 27 weeks we found out bub was small and was getting fortnightly ultrasounds to make sure he was growing and at 34 weeks my water broke and my daughter was born at 1.930 and had to be on c-pap for a couple days because if her size. Jut listen to the doctors they know what there doing and if bub continues to stay small they will make a plan. I was told if bub was not up to a certain weight by 36 weeks they would induce. Brooke
  • I was told the same as I had HG (severe morning sickness) they gave me some antibiotics steroids to help her grow, if there worried they will give you something, even while in labour the said gee she’s small and she arrived 3.33kgs. Not small at all. Luigi
  • I was told I was measuring small too but they weren’t concerned they figured it was normal as neither hubby or I are big ppl. I remember getting quite concerned hearing this but Bubs was a healthy 6pd7. The way Bubs is lying can make a difference to ur measurement. Ask for a growth scan for peace of mind. Vanessa
  • I was told my little girl was small. She wasn’t even on the growth chart, then she made it to the 10th percentile. She ended up being 7lb14oz She is a little shorty so I think that made her overall measurements small. We had to have specialist ultrasounds every couple of weeks to track her growth. Bronwyn
  • I was told all throughout my pregnancy that I was having a small bub. He was 4.3 kg and 53 cm long. Melissa
  • Had the same issue with my 2nd baby. Best advice I can give in hindsight. .don’t stress! ! They will act quickly as needed. Just keep record of babies movements for your own piece of mind.Crystal
  • I was told halfway through my pregnancy I was measuring small I had /have put on no weight throughout my pregnancy (I’ve actually lost weight) and I was really worried but now I’m 39 weeks today and I went to have an ultrasound last week. They said the baby weighs 3.1 kilos now (which is normal) and the doctor said this was perfect! I sometimes wonder how accurate the ultrasounds are! Tiarna
  • With both my babies ( currently 16 months old and 8 weeks old) I was told I was measuring small and sent for extra ultrasounds to check it out. With my first it was at 38 weeks and with my second at 34 weeks. Both times the ultrasound showed my babies were fine and roughly going to be between 6 and 7 pounds. Baby 1 was 6lb 2 oz/47cm and baby 2 was 6lb 14oz/53cm and both in perfect health, I just carry small babies. The only thing the doctor told me was if they had stopped growing before full term they would have induced me. Lisa
  • I got told this throughout my 4 pregnancies. Don’t worry about it unless they are really worried about it. Especially if you or your partner aren’t tall. My boys were always between the 20th percentile and 35th percentile. (50th percentile being average). They were 6lb 15oz, 6lb 15oz, 6lb 12oz then my 2 month old 6lb 8oz. And longest was 49cms. I’m 5ft 3. Don’t let it worry you. It’s just a guess on ultrasounds. If they are growing, no matter how much, there is nothing to worry about Kelly

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