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Please share your favourite baby boy names and your favourite baby girl names. What would you name your children if you had a boy and a girl tomorrow?

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  • If I had a girl I would call her Bailee and I have no idea for a boy. Boys names are hard lol
  • Ava for a girl, Callum for a boy
  • nahh… I like Chelsea (girl) and Braxton (boy)
  • Dominic James for a boy and Chelsea Renee for a girl!
  • boy – Isaac, girl – Addison
  • Well my ds is Taite and I have Layla picked for a girl!
But if I had to pick another boys name I’d pick Rylan
  • Girl = Belle (B from hubby’s initial and ELLE from the end of my name)
Boy = Jordan
  • Ihave 3 boys LoL, Dylan Callum and Kouper
  • Hunter for a boy and girl no idea lol
  • Piper for a girl and Harvey for a boy!!
  • Girl I’d call her Ebony or Kendall …boy Tye, Zayne or Leyland…?
  • Oh yes Braxton is hot! Lol.
  • I have a Jacob, Lucas and Austin πŸ™‚ but if I ever had a girl her name would be Sophie
  • Rosalie and Edward or Frederick πŸ™‚
  • girl= Ireland and boy= Coby
  • I am due in 3 weeks with a surprise and have no boys name!!!! arghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Darcie for a girl tho
  • Lillian Emma, and William James.
  • Two customers on my page have had a baby this month and both used the name Braxton and I’m in loveeee with it LoL
  • Boy Lucas girl Matilda
  • I have a Cailin for a girl but originally had it picked out for a boy just spelt Kailan. πŸ™‚ I also loved the name Leah for a girl and Brayden for a boy (which is now my nephews names hehe)
  • I’m calling my boy Ethan & if i had a girl Aime-lee
  • Hudson for a girl and Taiiden boy
  • Girl – Isla, boy – Edison
  • Rosalie and Edward or Frederick πŸ™‚
  • Boy would be Sebastian Girl would be Ava
  • Oh I like Emily
  • Boy- Ben Girl-Julia  or Caitlin
  • I just luv Brax off home and away lol
  • I find out if I am having boy or girl on Thursday…….well hopefully if bubs co-operates
  • HarperLee and Hudson
  • Adam and Siobhan or Jax and Matilda
  • I always said if i had a girl it would be Madison, or Amelia and never had a boys name
  • Taia and Jayden
  • For a girl alyssa Shanae and a boy maybe Tristan
  • Girl-Jazahni, Emiliah boy- Saxon or Mason
  • Girl- Abbie and Boy- Will
  • girl_ Peytton Mackenzie boy_Brooklyn Kruize
  • Boy Luca girl Ada
  • Dario Kirby for a boy and Sophie Olivia for a girl
  • I have two boys – Harry and Archie. If I had a girl – Sophie
  • girl-Honora Ida Boy- Travis Kevin
  • Boy: Aston Girl: Christina
  • Girl – Mikayla or Kailani which means beautiful sunset in Hawaiian and boy would be Phoenix or Jett or Levi
  • I have Cailyn πŸ™‚
  • Girl – Gemma & boy – Malakai
  • Noah for a boy
  • Hannah and Joshua but I wouldn’t be able to let anyone else in the house have an opinion
  • G: Frankie B: Emmerson
  • Girl- Alira or Kiara
  • Willow for a girl and Jye for boy
  • Emily Grace for a girl, and Jarvis for a boy
  • I have girl Peyton, twins boy rylan and girl Zaya and if I was to have more boy – Greyson and girl- Skyler
  • girl Amilia Rose, boy Thor Williams
  • got an Isabella Grace, Lilly Rose and Madison Jane, if a boy like Jonah
  • Aayla for a girl and Kade or Kayden for a boy πŸ™‚
  • Girl – Imogen or Evie. Boy – Julian or Milo.
  • I have 2 girls Felicity and Zoey and I’m now having a boy and calling him Connor
  • Celsi/Kelsi Jane (girl) and either Bradley or Jakob/Jacob πŸ™‚
  • evelyn and corey
  • i have skyla and kyleia for my girls always wanted kasidee my son is cooper if i had another boy it be koah
  • Milla or kyrah for a girl and Noah or Ryder for a boy πŸ™‚
  • i have my boy Jakoby but coz i was told girl all through my pregnancy, i had chosen Teleah-Rose. Also love Jarvis and Cruz for boys and Adyson and Peyton for girls πŸ™‚
  • josie acacia for a girl, max albert for a boy
  • Girl: Collins
Boy: Pierce
  • Ps. I have 2 boys already – Logan and Ryder ?
  • calais & kaiden.
  • Declan, jayden, noah and girl briella, sophia,
  • Girl: charlotte, boy: boyd
  • Girl: Constance Athena Boy: Dominique Christopher
  • I have Chloe Rose, Alex Joseph, Mollie Grace & Charli Jane and THAT IS ALL!!!! Lo
  • Have 2 girls already Mackenzie Danica Adelaide and Charlee Alice.
  • Jack William and Amelia Rose
  • Boy: Boston, Girl: Alexis
  • I have 3 boys- Jack Leeroy, Charlie William-James & Roy Vincent… If I ever had a girl I wanted 2 name her Hazel Aleathia or Isla… There are also some of my favs- Pippa, Makenzie-Rose 4 girls & Jahl & Oscar 4 boys…
  • I have three beautiful girls – Allie May, Bella Rose and Caitlyn Grace ?
  • but i have one of each girl=courtney paige and boy=kobie hunter
  • Girl : Eden Faith or Zadee Grace / Boy: Elijah or Caleb.. Never going to happen no no no!!! I am happy with my Gemma,Cameron and Amelia
  • I have a girl – Tegan and a boy – Caleb but hypothetically if we were having another…Girl – Bethany and Boy – Nate
  • I have a son Baylee and a daughter Tahlia. If we were to have more girl – Olivia or Emily and Boy – Lachlan or Cooper
  • I hav a Melanie Maree (her lastname is the same as my partners (Barry),not Macdonald lol.tht wud b weird if her initials wer MMM lol)
N if I told the boy n girls name we hav picked they wudnt b a secret anymore πŸ™‚
  • I have Xander, next if girl will be jayde and if a boy most likely oliver
  • My girl is zaihli rose and my boy is calaih jorda
  • Girl- Gemma or Ruby & Boy- Elliott or Seth
  • We have a boy- Xavier Blaede & baby girl – Eden Skylar πŸ™‚
  • Boy; Archie, Ashton or Cruz
Girl; Scarlett, Summer or Amelia.
I have an 18 month old, Sienna Jade =)
  • My daughters name is kobi, and i love the name noah for a boy πŸ™‚
  • I have an Isaac Malachai, Shakeera Nor-Ainie, Hailee Dawn, Hannah Leilani, Mahali Harneil and Jaeger Christopher. If we added more they would be Addison or Christabel and Xavier or Charlie.
  • i have a gorgeous pigeon pair – Ayva Paige and Jack Kiernan. love harper Matisse for girl and arlo for boy!
  • I have a little man called Jett and if I had a girl I’d call her Charley
  • I have a little girl Kirra and a little boy Connor Warrick.
But love the name Addison Grace for girl and Slade for boy
  • Also have a now niece and her name is Charlissa which is beautiful but she gets Charli 4 short
  • Liam Robert Thomas 
No idea for a girl but I have Sophie Asia bell
  • Boy – Cash Tavita and Girl – Nahla Liliu
  • and my current little man is named Armani Francis =) our middle names are always after a family member =)
  • Our girls names are Madison-Ashlee Elizabeth and kirra-Jane Ann and our boy is Rowan John
  • Hypothetically the next two names we have picked out are Bronte & Saxon. We already have 2 boys, Jameson & Jasper.
  • Girl – Avril, boy – Jack or I love Jett. I have a little girl – Elyse
  • I have a girl named islah Maree! I like Eddie for a boy and pippa for a girl
  • keegan or darian for boy and imogen for a girl πŸ˜€
  • Hayley louise for a girl and hayden for a boy
  • I said what names id have.. but i do have an acacia grace. πŸ™‚
  • I like Addison and Fletcher and have recently liked Phoenix could be for a boy or girl. I have a little girl Aurorah.
  • Some great names there! I’m loving Carlo for a boy atm (my partner is Italian, we already have a Cristiano ;)) as for a girl I’m not 100% sure! Lucia is a fave from a while back πŸ™‚
  • I love fletcher Aimee πŸ˜‰

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