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Fraternal Twin Baby Brother and SisterToday we want to hear your ideas for names for twins. Boy/boy, girl/girl or girl/boy twins. Also love to hear what you called your twins

  • I don’t have twins but have heard some shockers first ones are Ronald n Donald the 2nd are Jasper n Casper.  Kellie
  •  I have a friend with Patrick and Pierre. My sister has Gabriella and Olivia.  Mimina
  •  Zaida-zaidan.  Kylie
  •  I have twin brother & sister – Abbey & Jackson. and i also have twin cousins Emily & Chloe. Bianca
  •  My nieces will be Lily and Alice can’t remember what they where going to have for boys though. Jessica
  •  My daughter does ballet wit twins called holly n lilly. Simone
  •  I’m a twin. Boy/girl- Dion and Amanda. My husband is also a twin. Girl/boy- Shari and Heinrich.
  • My cousins are boy/girl twins too- Thomas and Emma.  Amanda
  •  My twin sisters are Analise and Angela. Katie
  •  My twins are Chloe & Madison and if they had of been boys they would have been named Dylan & Jake. Nicole
  •  I always had twin boy names picked out … Marcus and Lucas …. Mark and Luke for short. Kat
  •  I’m a twin – Camilla and Jessica. Camilla
  •  Other twins I hav met r Todd n kirsty, n Elizabeth n Katherine. Simone
  •  I have twin brothers Luke n Daniel n twin cousins brittney n Bianca   Kellie
  •  A family that I used to go to school with had 2 sets 1-girl/girl-Shannon & renee & the other was boy/girl- Cameron & tegan. Beck
  •  It’s nice when twin names aren’t too matchy, they should be unique to their own as they are individuals after all! My twin cousins are Ella and Kate.  Natalia
  •  I know three boy/boy twins; Toby and Jayden, a Daniel and Callum (partner’s cousins) and a Noa and Lucas. One set of girl/girl twins; Kirstie and Serena (my cousins) Two sets of boy/girl twins; Finn and Tillie and Sarp and Allara. Madeleine
  •  Oliver and Olivia, Jade and Jaden, Aiden and Kaiden, Brayden and Jayden. Alice and Alicia, Toni and Tony, Peita and peter. These are some i’ve heard.. don’t like them thoughh lol. Narelle
  •  Nitro and Nahla boy/girl. Krissy
  •  Most go for cutesy names (rhyming/same initials) or same “theme” names. Narelle
  •  I saw on the doctors tv show twins called Lemonjello & Orangejello lol Poor kids. Jacqui
  •  I know triplets, Alex, Ben and Russel. Angella
  •  My sisters are twins and they got Rosemarie and Bronwyn lol.  Krissy
  •  My sisters are twins (24 years old) – they are Erin and Tobie (who were going to be Tyler and Kale if they were boys). I also have cousins the same age- Boy/Girl Micah and Amber.  Lucy
  •  My twin nieces are Lyndell Rose, and Dakota Lyn.My twin brothers are Joshua James and Jayden Ashleigh. I personally prefer twins to have names without matching letters. Tiffany
  •  My hubby is a twin baehr and Bowden . When I was pregnant if we had boy girl twins I wanted Claire and Connor. I know twin girls called Elizabeth and Emily and twins in my daughters kinder class Evelyn and Isabelle.  Donna
  •  2 boys. Declan John & Bailey James. Sarah
  •  Lucked out the triplet that got Russell. Tahnee
  •  My girls are 2 weeks old and named Emilie and Alina. Megan
  •  Ive heard of boy/boy twins named Mick and Jagger….Tellina
  •  My girls are mahleah and Layla. Samantha
  •  I’m a twin fraternal girl boy taegan pronounced Taygen & brother is Dallas bothe our middle names are same I’m Leigh he is lee. Taegan
  •  My boys are Jasper and Sebastion.  Melissa
  •  My twins are Aidan & Lucas. Rina
  •  My boys are Hunter & Noah. Michelle
  •  My 2 year old nephews are Levi and jai. Karen
  •  Locke and Chayne..yes I know of someone who called their twin boys this a few years ago!!  Elly
  •  I was reading an article on strangest baby names and there were twins registered Benson & Hedges. Belinda
  •  My twin nieces are Tayah and Jayda. Tyleen
  •  My boys are Evan and jake.  Hayley
  •  My boy/girl twins are anneka and Preston:).  Jess
  •  My best friends nephews are Thomas and William. Savina
  •  I love Harlow for a girl and Harlem for a boy.  Joanne
  •  I have a twin sister, Nicole & Hayley. Nicole
  •  My uncles on one side are David and Michael, on the other side are David and Grant, my cousins on one side are Rick and Sheree and on the other are Charlotte and Olivia! You could say twins run in our family.  Terina
  •  Isaah for a boy and Nevaeh for a girl.  Ashlee-Maree
  •  We have William and Thomas…although Thomas didn’t make it, he is still one of our twins!  Louise
  •  My boy/girl twins are Jackson and Amelia. Karen
  •  My twin boys are Frederick and Gustave or Fred and Gus for short. Sarah
  •  My identical twin boys are Connor Jerome and Cody James. Peta
  •  My cousins 2year old twin boys are jude and noah. Jenny
  •  Our g/g twins are Madeleine Lucy & Chloe Elizabeth our first is Joshua Michael so they had to work well with that as well as together we still mostly call them the girls or the babies, our “big” boy started calling the girls “La La’s” with no prompting (he’s 14m older), still calls them that! Jo
  •  Know a lot of people don’t like the same initial or rhyming idea, but I’m a fan, even if it is a little dorky. I like Madison & Harrison, James & Jaxon, Aimee & Abbey. Amanda
  •  I’m a twin and we’re Sarah and Kate. Sarah
  •  If I had boy/girl twins I would call them Philip and Lillian lol. Danielle
  •  Not a big fan & dont like rhyming or same initials etc. Just thought of triplets Peter, Russell, Clarke lol. Eddie
  •  Isaac Robert Liam & Oliver William Alec – every name means something to myself & dh.  Belinda
  •  I know of twin boys fish and chips…no joke.  Rachel
  •  I like old names like max jack william tom etc it depends what type of names you like… also look at your surname their initials etc.  Bronwyn
  •  My little boys name is Zane , if we have another boy his name will be Zxavier. Samantha
  •  I love Mason, Cooper, Logan, Conrad, Chase, Tyler, Riley. I like Riley & Mason together. Sarah
  •  We have a Harry (Hazzie for a nickname) an also I liked Patrick ! Nic
  •  I have a Kyle John and a jai David both middle names were from our grandfathers who have now past. Emily
  •  Owen and Flynn. Jessica
  •  My sons name is Kane if we had of had another we would have gone with Bailey.  Toni
  •  James and Jacob. Andrew and Anthony. Luke and Liam. Robert ad Ryan. The list is endless. Lina
  •  My family has Connor cooper Parker bailey Dylan Jackson Logan. Brooke
  •  My little boys name is Eddie! I like billy & ned, ardi and alfie. Tarryn
  •  We have a Lachlan and a Benjamin. Although I liked Nathaniel (Nate for short), Adam and Anthony. Leigh
  •  We have a Toby Jack, Leo Alexander and Henry George. Jill
  •  I have identical twin boys who are Asher and Ethan (ethan got the original name coz hubby didn’t like Jai so he got that as a middle name). Andrea
  •  Nothing rhymed, like you don’t want a glen and Ben for example . I have an Alexander William and a Tobin Christopher. But love the older style names and names that aren’t so common like – Byron , Geoffrey , Gordon , Stanley , Ignatius , Sebastian , Edwin , Sidney , Clarence , Joseph , Quinn , Jasper , Bryce , Aubrey , Arlington , angus , Hamlisch , Heinrich , hamish , Anderson , Gareth , Troy , theo , Leonard , warren , Cyril , Sylvester , Humphrey . Best of luck choosing names .
  • Personally the names I had picked for my children are nowhere near the names I ended up picking when I saw their little faces .  Jennifer


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  1. AvatarJulianne says:

    My Twin Boys are Alec Lawrence & Rohan Lachlan, Lawrence from Grandfather & Lachlan is from my oldest sons first name.

  2. AvatarTamara says:

    Stana Kate and Kensi Ruah

  3. AvatarMeram says:

    I’m are lina and dina

  4. AvatarJessie says:

    Im a Twin , Boy and Girl , Our Names are Jessie and Jack .

  5. AvatarLilly says:

    I know many sets of twins –

    I’m a twin:

    Lilly and Luke (girl/boy)

    My friend:

    Harley and Gunner (girl/boy)


    Hayden and James(girl/boy)
    Avery and Riley (girl/girl)
    Spencer and Dylan (boy/boy)
    Caleb and Ryan (boy/boy)