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Baby shower venuesWhen holding a baby shower at a venue that provides meals at a cost e.g. high tea, do u ask everyone to pay to cover the baby shower costs and still provide a present? It cant be held at my house or relatives houses due to space? I just don’t know what to do in this circumstance.

  •  I personally would find it a bit rough to have to pay for everything plus a pressie lol, how about hire out a local hall, theyre usually very cheap and get somewhere like subway etc to cater?  Michelle
  •  I to am having my baby shower at a venue due to the same reason. I am providing a few jugs of drink, a salad wrap platter, hot food platter & anti pasto platter. I think that 3 platters will cater for 12 people.  Tegan
  •  Maybe you could have it at a park and just ask everyone to bring a plate of finger food? Much cheaper than high tea so presents won’t be an issue.  Kirsty
  •  You can find hall’s to hire at a cheap price and ask guest’s to bring a plate. Is there any nice picnic area’s to you can hold it at? You may also want to ask a friend who has a bigger home to hold it there as your gift goodluck. Teagan
  •  If you have it catered you usually don’t have gifts. Public parks can be very nice. Also another friend may be happy to have it there. Also close family are usually happy to bring a plate of food, its just a matter of asking.  Laura
  •  If they are required to pay no. Some may bring a present but you shouldn’t expect it. I wouldn’t expect people to contribute to the baby shower costs. Angela

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