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Books and gift ideas for baby

Lacking inspiration for a baby gift? Think books, books, books.

Lauren from Teacher Types has put together a thoughtful collection of ideas with a classic book title at the centerpiece of each gift. 

Whenever I’m buying gifts for babies and kids, I always tell myself “They can never have too many books”. Think about it. The more books you have, the closer you are to having your own personal children’s library! More specifically, reading aloud to children right from the beginning can really help their early literacy skills and set them up to be successful future readers.

Books are a great addition to a gift you may be buying for a baby shower or the arrival of a newborn. It’s also a cute idea if you’re organising a baby shower to ask guests to bring a book instead of a card – you could easily include this on your invitation with a simple poem;

One small request that won’t be too hard, 
Please bring a book instead of a card.
Old or brand new is just fine
The inside cover is a perfect place to sign.

When making your selection, look for board books with very few words, large clear and simple pictures with very simple concepts and repetition. Here are a few of my suggestions with some other little gifts you could add.

Baby gift - That's not my books“That’s Not My…” series

These books have always been a favourite in our household and there are just so many of them in the series. They are simple with repetitive text and beautiful sensory textured pictures. A box set is a great way to go when you’re gift shopping.


Alphabet_resizedAlphablock Book + Blocks

This Alphablock Book is absolutely brilliant! It’s so cleverly done with thick peekaboo pages and cut out capital letters. It’s great for beginning talkers and for older toddlers learning beginning sounds. A timeless set of wooden alphabet blocks would be perfect with this!


PlaySchool Book&Toy_resizedPlayschool Numbers + Big Ted Soft Toy

You certainly can’t go past Play School for early learning resources. The pictures of familiar toys and friends jump off the pages with crisp white backgrounds. The ABC shop has heaps of other Play School books and toys to compliment your gift.


Rudie Nudie + Rubber Duck_resizedRudie Nudie + Bath Items

This book is such fun! Little kids love being nude for some reason and this book embraces that. It’s such a great bedtime story and has a lovely sing-song rhyme as you read it aloud. Wrap it up with some cute little bath toys, bubble bath and a baby towel and your bath-themed gift is good to go!


Where's Spot + Toy_resizedSpot + Pull Along Dog

Spot is a classic that many of us grew up with and he’s still as popular as ever. There are many in the series to choose from and it will be a treasured part of any book collection. My daughter was given the Fisher Price pull along dog when she was one and we named him ‘Spot’ because he looks almost exactly the same! She’s now three and he’s still a favourite outside toy.


Eric Carle_resizedEric Carle Little Learning Library + Hungry Caterpillar Soft Toy & Rattle

The great thing about ‘Little Learning Libraries’ is that the books are mini sized and perfect for tiny hands who are learning how to hold a book, turn the pages and look at the pictures. I believe Eric Carle books should be a part of every child’s book collection, and these days there are so many perfect baby toys to accompany these books.


Baby Book_resizedBaby Book by Rhi Creative

Finally, I though it would be nice to share my favourite baby memory/keepsake book by an Adelaide based designer Rhi Creative. A perfect baby shower gift, the mother-to-be will love filling in all about her pregnancy before baby arrives, and as the months go by adding photos and precious memories. It’s printed on recycled cardstock and is beautifully designed.

It’s such a special time when a friend or family member is expecting a baby and of course you’re going to want to spoil them with love and gifts.

I hope you LOVE these suggestions.


About the Author:

Lauren is a teacher and mother of two from Adelaide, South Australia. She writes all about early learning and parenting stories over at Teacher Types. Find Lauren on Instagram and Facebook

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