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Baby shower games free printables

Free printable baby shower games for you toย get the party started and celebrate the imminent arrival of your new baby. All the guests will have so much fun – you definitely need to play guess the dirty nappy which is always a good laugh!

free printable baby shower games - baby gift bingo pink

Baby Gift Bingo

Ask all the guests to fill in each square with a different gift they think the mum-to-be might receive. Then, as the presents are unwrapped they put a cross through any matches on their sheet. Once they have a full line crossed off they call out ‘BINGO!’ First to call it out wins.

Pink (shown)

Baby animals game yellow

Guess the Baby Animal

Think you know what different animal babies are called? The party guest with the most correct answers wins.

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Guess the Dirty Nappy pink

Guess the Dirty Nappy

Not for the faint hearted!

Melt five different chocolate bars and smear them into separate disposable nappies. Guests then taste them and guess what chocolate bars they are. This game will have everyone in fits of laughter, don’t forget the camera (Don’t forget the disposable spoons!)

Pink (shown)


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Favourite baby shower game suggestions from other parents:

I’m organising a baby shower next month for a girlfriend that’s had a rough trot & will be doing it on her own,ย I have everything but the games organised & need some ideas. What are your favourite baby shower games you’ve played?

  • Guess what’s in the nappy: Melted chocolate in nappies andย you have to guess what it is ๐Ÿ™‚ Abbie
  • Pleasure vs pain – get pix of people giving birth and then sexual ones and get people to write down which picture is which. Was played at my baby shower and was hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚ Steff
  • Baby bingo ๐Ÿ˜€ Kelly
  • We played “water breaking” little babies that we got from cheap shop into ice cubes 1st to get the baby out won ๐Ÿ™‚ Kristy
  • Full block of chocolate in a nappy and partially melt it in the microwave. Then use it like pass the parcel when the music stops the person with the nappy has to eat any of the hard bits that they can within a certain amount of time….. this REALLY grossed some people out ๐Ÿ™‚ Chantelle
  • Cut out cartoon charaters and they have to guess what they are? Laimi
  • Guess the celebrity pregnant belly. Also Present Bingo where all guests have a bingo card & each gift has a number placed on it, so as mum to be unwraps her presents the guests get to play bingo. Erryn
  • Trying to guess her size. Get string measure how big they think she is and cut string. Some of the guesses wil be hilarious Amy
  • Have all the guests measure a peice of ribbon to the size they think her bump is and the ribbon that measures the closest around her belly wins Kirsty
  • Safety pins in a bowl of rice with the person blind folded. Need to get as many pins asย possible in 30sec. Not as easy as it sounds. Nevada
  • Baby bingo Erin
  • Guess the baby, everyone brings a baby photo, you pin them to a board and everyone has to guess who’s pic is who’s. The person guessing the most right wins. M’leigh
  • Balloon races, balloons between your legs “waddling” Nikki
  • Never say baby ๐Ÿ™‚ Kaitlin
  • Pin the nappy on the baby. The price is right. Carolin
  • Have people into teams and they need to make a nappy from toilet paper, the quickest team wins Nevada
  • I did a game, you jumble up a caracthters name, or children’s movie. Eg. Elmo you write lemo, Winnie the pool you wrote it all jumbled and people have to guess Chantel
  • Who am I: a word on the forehead. They have to guess who they are. Pin the tail on the donkey. Trust me you will get a lot of laughs Paulie
  • “Spit the dummy” is fun, all line up toe the line and try spit the dummy as far as you can, fill up baby bottles with m n m’s and try guess the amount and who every wins gets it for a prize. or you can smear nappies with different foods and you have to blind fold and try guess the spread!!! Meghan
  • A to z give them 3 min to write a baby word for every letter NO NAMES also word jumble scramble 25 words n they gave to un scramble eg DLREACD = cradle Stacey
  • Cook baby Picasso, give everyone a peice of paper and a pen, have everyone close their eyes and you read out baby parts they have to draw in random order, eg; draw the babys feet, then draw the head, the arms then the eyes etc until u complete the baby. there is some very funny pictures Melissa
  • The name game- mum writes one name each letter (a-z) everyone else does there own most names the same wins (also good for name ideas) Rachel
  • Baby pics ev one has to guess whos whos. Give ev one 5 pegs every time over the time of shower if someone says baby then u get to steal a peg most when shower ends wins. Dif choc in nappy picin caramelo ect melt taste it most right wins .Unlable baby food taste guess flavours. Wrap up baby items like nappy pins snappimate powder panadol nail cutters feel them most guess wins. Draw the ideal baby one draws head passes alone till bubs drawn then the mum or dad picks best pic they win. I used blocks of choc as my prizes Tracey
  • I also at my sister in laws shower scanned a copy of the ultrasound photo for everyone n they wrote they guess weight /sex if un known and then some nice supportive words ro the mummy to be give it to her after labour and she will know she’s not alone Stacey
  • Fastest nappy change (on dolls, with vegemite smeared in the ‘dirty’ nappy); feeding a jar of baby food to another person while blindfolded, fastest pair wins Sharon
  • A-Z of baby items everyone has a pen and paper write a-z down the page who ever gets the most thing written in a certain amount of time wins and guessing baby foods by tasting them wrap paper or foil around the jar and number them and get everyone to taste and write down what they thought they were Tash
  • Use string round her belly give ball of string let ev one cut it as long as they think closest wins Tracey
  • See who can drink a bottle of milk fastest..always entertaining to watch. Sam
  • Not something we did and not exactly a game but onesies painting everyone gets a onesie to paint and the baby can either wear it or it can be made into bunting. Melissa
  • Give everyone 5 pegs which they attach to their top when they arrive. If they say ‘baby’ they have to give a peg to the person who catches them out. Person with the most pegs at the end of the day wins ๐Ÿ™‚ Joanne
  • Guess the parts on Ultrasound cards. Paper plate on head, and get them to draw the best baby. Guess the size of belly (streamer). Peg game (saying Baby) Beck
  • SmearDifferent foods on nappies, chocolate, nutella, avocado etc, need to guess what it is ๐Ÿ™‚ Amelia
  • Don’t know if it’s mentioned already but the best game we had a my baby shower was match the baby socks. Get together as many pairs of baby socks u can and then chuck in a few odd ones to put them off, each take turns avid see how many socks u can pair and fold in one minute ๐Ÿ™‚ Raina
  • I did nursery rhymes I made a quote up from a nursery rhyme and they had to guess what nursery rhyme it was I had about 50 of them and first to get them all won! I also did who could change a baby’s bum the quickest blind folded! I got dolls and put nutella on the bum and made everyone change the nappy blind folded! I also did jumbled letters, ( baby things), Shay
  • Puff paint and baby singlets in various sizes. Every guest and mum to be decorates a singlet and the baby has plenty of singlets to wear, that are personalised. Did this for a friend recently, and a friend did it for me, and everyone loved it, because it’s not you typical baby shower game. Terri
  • My fav was “Who’s”. Get a bunch of questions that starts with “who”, like who has had the biggest baby, who was born in the strangest place, who had the quickest labour and birth etc. It’s great for smaller parties and is a great way to get everyone talking together!! Best answer wins a prize! Stacy
  • Most of the games I’ve played have been mentioned. But another good one is matching celebrity babies to the mums. Celeb babies cut out and stuck to cardboard and you have to name the mums eg pics of Shiloh (Angelina) Suri (Katie) Allison
  • I went to a Bridal Shower and they played a game where they had a rope strung up at approximately the height of a clothes line with pegs pegged on it and you had to take as many pegs off the line with one hand without dropping any and the one who took the most off was the winner. Could be used as a baby shower game as babies create lots of washing and you have to also get used to doing alot of things with one hand lol. Natalee
  • Peg game u put a heap of pegs on a clothes horse and every body has a minute to take the pegs of c h with one hand only any that get droped are not counted & the ballon game u need ballons & a bucket u put the ballon inbetween ur legs and have to try drop the ballon in the bucket Dee
  • I refused to attend my shower if there were to be any games!! Friendly get together, great prezzies, good food and no wine for me. Party pooper? Maybe…Fantastic day though. Marita
  • Another game you can play is where you play a quick snipet of kids tv show theme songs and you have to write them down. The one who gets the most right wins. Natalee
  • Get a whole heap of kids socks & time people on how quickly they can pair them up. (Pain of our parenting life lol). Get 2 baby dolls & blindfold the mother & another guest & see who can get the nappy on first. Get a guest book & get the guests to give their best parenting advice. Rebecca
  • A jar and every time someone says baby they have to put a buck in it, all proceeds going to momma n something she needs! Trust me its hard to not say baby at a “baby” shower Alaina
  • Spit the dummy as mentioned above. You feel ridiculous but it’s so much fun and pretty much everyone gets involved. We do heard of five the winner out of each heat go into the grand final to who can spit it the longest and they are they are the winners. makes for good action shots too Rebecca
  • I loved that one where you hold a doll and pretend to talk on the phone and see how many pieces of clothing you can get on the line in 1 minute, so much fun, also who is the quickest to dress the baby, we used 2 baby borns with a nappy, singlet, suit and jacket :)) also for my sisters we all made bub a singlet and drew or wrote something on it with fabric paint and pens ๐Ÿ™‚ Rachael
  • The baby food game buy a lot of different types of bAby food and put a blind fold over everyone’s eyes and get them to try it and then get them to write it on a piece of paper and see who gets it right Sarah
  • Going old school party game donuts hanging of string hands behind back first to eat all without hands wins Skye
  • I had a list of nursery rhymes but missing words and you had to guess what they were, some are not what you seem! Also I had guess which celebrity baby’s name this is – that too was a fun one! Oh and another was we had a bowl full of rice and you hide nappie pins in it then blindfold people and see how many they can find in a minute! It is soooooo hard but lots of fun! A little messy tho! Nicole
  • My fav one is giving birth… You get everyone into teams, and when you say go they have to (one by one) blow up a balloon, tie it and put it up there shirt. The second person can’t start until the first person has finished and so on.. They keep going down the line Until everyone is ‘pregnant’. Once the last person has put the balloon up their top they then have to ‘give birth’ (pop the balloon). They can only use body parts – no pins, needles or teeth or any other items. Elbows. Hands, knees etc can be used. And again they ‘give birth’ one by one until everyone has had their baby in the team. Once the whole team has finished they must yell out something of ur choice (ie… It’s a boy etc) and the first team wins! some great photo opportunities in this game… Hysterical!! Jackie
  • Not a game, but creates a memory of who was there: a pretty notebook where guests guess gender, date weight… and offer a bit of advice for the new mum Tanya
  • Pin the dummie Melissa
  • Being blind folded and having to change a baby dolls nappy but make it interesting and and put lik melted chocolate or some form of liqued on the nappy. So people get a bit of a suprise when changing the nanppy to put the clean one on… 20sec limit Jazzman
  • Buy plain singlets when they are on sale and get some fabric paint and brushes.and.each guest can make a singlet for the bub. My daughter is 7 months and still wearing hers and the guests loved painting them Stephanie
  • My girlfriends did the string game too for mine but got everyone to blow up balloons to put under their shirts to help them guess, was halerious as everyone looked preggo in the photos. Also get her to keep her ribbon as a reminder of how much her belly measured. Number cards from 1-…. This will be opened on the child on the corresponding birthday. Leave poems or something you wish you knew @ that age or words of wisdom. Put away in a keepsake box with mum. A nice touch- especially when loved ones aren’t there in the future to wish them happy birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ Rach

Do you have any really good games baby shower games to add to the list, comment below?

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