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When did your baby start to crawl?

when did your baby start to crawlWhen did your baby start to crawl?
  • My daughter was commando crawling at 4 months and by 6 months she started proper crawl. Im hoping this next one doesn’t start so early. 🙂 Kyleigh
  • My first started at 5 months, my second at 8.5 months and my third at 7 months. Phoebe
  • My first was at 10 months, my second after 11. Every bub is different 🙂 Sarah
  • My bub was 9 months, is 13 months now and not walking yet but am not worried he will get there in his own time 🙂 Danielle
  • Emily started crawling at six months and walking at 9 months but she was very quick… sad as she wasnt a baby for long enough . Laynie
  • Just before 7 months. Amanda
  • My ds started crawling quickly at 8months, still not walking at 11months. Brooke
  • My eldest was pushing himself round on his back at 3mnths commando at 6mnths and proper crawl at 7mnths. Every baby different thou. Amanda
  • My son started commando crawling between 8 – 9 months and hands and knees crawling about 3 months later.  Cheeky Feet
  • My 1st commando crawled at 8 months, on all 4’s at 9 months. my 2nd just got up n crawled on all 4’s straight away at 6 months. 🙂 oh n crawling isnt actually a milestone, being able to get to something outta reach is tho. Normal range for walking is 7 – 17 months 🙂 my 1st was 12 months n my 2nd 9 months, way to early for my likeing 🙂 Kylie
  • 7.5 months and walking at 12 🙂 Emma
  • He crawled properly at around nine months (but army crawled at 7), and walked at 16 months. Antoinette
  • My daughter starte pulling herself up to stand at 7mths and started cruising around everything at 8mths. She then just started crawling one night about 3 days prior to being 9mths! She has just hit 10mths and has recently taken a few steps by herself 🙂 Shannon
  • Haz was army crawling at 7 months and on fours at 8 months and 3 weeks old. 🙂 seems so long ago now. Kelly

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