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Baby Walkers and Jolly Jumpers

baby walker

Would love your opinions on walkers and jumpers. Good fun? Dangerous? Bad for feet and hips?

Please add your answers in the comments below. Remember to remain respectful and non-judgmental.

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  1. AvatarKattie says:

    I have not used a baby walker as I’ve never seen the need to have my lo’s mobile before they are ready!
    I have used jolly jumpers for short amounts of time with some of my lo’s and not at all with others.
    I think both are fine if used in moderation and with plenty of parental supervision.
    None of my lo’s have had hip issues, one had feet issues but she never used the jolly jumper.

  2. AvatarLori says:

    My daughter is 9months old she has used both. We only started using the Jolly Jumper when we felt that she could support her head enough. Then moved to walker. I think Walkers could be dangerous but alike all toys/children they need supervision when in them, I often barricade things like the kitchen off when cooking tea etc, however she still loves being near me, move room to room between her family. Its given her some independence. I don’t feel that it has done her any damage only benefits 🙂

  3. AvatarRobyn says:

    We were advised by physical therapists, occupational therapists, neonatologists and developmental intervention to not use a walker, exersaucer or jumper, that they cause the babies to stay in a position that they aren’t yet ready to be in and that it could cause problems with them learning to walk properly. Am I buying this whole thing they’re saying; I’m not sure. Children have been using them for a long time and nobody has had any issues.

    I bought the Fisher Price Step ‘n Play Piano instead of any of those, though. Let me tell you, I love the thing. I’ve seen such a difference in my twins in such a short amount of time by using this. I would definitely recommend that instead of a walker or jumper.

  4. AvatarTeresa Harry says:

    Through the utter stupidity of some parents and carers, children in the past had accidents in their walkers. Fancy letting the kiddies near stairs or near hot surfaces while their child was in a walker…careless. Now that these walkers have been banned, not all children like to just sit in the so called walkers of today that are stationary…the children want to move about the room in a SAFE environment.