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Best Lego Party Ideas!

Attention all master builders!! In a new way to stress parents out, kids birthday parties have taken a turn recently away from my preferred method of celebration, an ice cream cake, bowl of chips and classic fairy bread. Instead, we are faced with daunting tasks, some parents even opting to call in the professionals. These events are enough to steal any show with meticulously planned colour themes, dessert tables and lolly bags that are fit for royals…

When my son turned 5, just a few months after that wonderful ‘Everything is Awesome!” song came blaring through our screens, of course he wanted a Lego bash. I’m naturally a Do it Yourself kind of gal, which meant that I had big plans. Unfortunately, like my eyes being bigger than my stomach, I had begun a task that was a bit too much for me to take on. Thankfully it all worked out in the end, despite the treacherous rain and being planned solely outdoors, the kids had a ball!

So, to save you from trawling the internet for the best Lego styles, I’ve rounded up the best (and easiest) ideas to successfully create a party filled with Master Builders!

lego party ideas

What better way to invite your partygoers to a Lego party, than to include some building blocks?

lego party decorations

A new take on the balloons hanging on the letterbox is this oversized Lego brick by the front door, it lets your guests will know exactly where the party is located.

lego party bunting

Let the fun flow inside with some great Lego brick bunting, you can get creative and by adding the birthday boy or girls name.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.04.16 am

Using yellow paper lanterns is an economical way to make sure your guests are wowed!

lego party table

Party tables are a big hit at the moment, their gorgeous yet simple style means they’re incredibly time effective!

lego name blocks

If you’re already a master builder you can show off your skills by constructing the birthday child’s name, or get creative and make your own bowl and cutlery holders!

lego water bottle labels

It’s not hard to keep the kids hydrated with these simple Lego water bottles.

lego party bags

These fun treats make it easy to ensure the kids are only having a set amount of sugar!

lego party food

Using blue, red and yellow coloured jelly adds to the Lego colour theme, and by putting yellow in the center, you get green and orange too!

pin the head on the lego

It wont be difficult to keep the kids entertained with this fun party game, pin the Lego head on the body.

lego pinata

Piñatas’ are the ultimate party must have at the moment, and this Lego brick is far from difficult to make yourself, you can even enlist the help of your master builder!

lego cake

A party isn’t a celebration without cake! This Lego cake is ‘Under Construction’ and will be sure to leave a smile on everyone’s face!

lego party bags

Send your guests home with these adorable Lego party bags filled with lollies or trinkets, and your guests will be talking about your party for weeks to come!

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Erinne Sullivan describes herself as a full time mother, part time student and all the time live-r of a passionate, heartfelt life. Erinne is the mother of an adorable five-year-old son and when’s she not chasing him around or answering endless questions, (but why?), you’ll find her pinning lovely things, drinking tea from pretty cups, reading in the corner or tapping her thoughts away at the keyboard. From worrisome to wonderful, Erinne has something to share (or write!) on the topic.

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