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Best Maternity Clothes in Australia

best maternity clothes AustraliaWhere are the best maternity clothes in Australia? Online, in store, casual, formal everything maternity. We seem to be getting a few questions regarding dresses/outfits for baby showers, weddings etc. Don’t forget to mention the city & state if recommending an physical retail store.

  • Queen Bee Maternity is a good and affordable option.  I found the sizing good and a great range of options. Lisa


  • www.seraphine.com was one of the few places I found selling maternity and nursing wear that was both functional AND fashionable. Tbh I found the vast majority of what was on offer for pregnant and nursing mothers depressingly unattractive, overpriced and made of poor quality fabrics. Nice nursing wear (i.e. not stretchy t-shirts with flaps) is particularly hard to come by. This site was a saving grace for me! Jordana
  • ASOS online. More youthful, stylish selection of clothes, good quality and affordable. I found majority of the maternity clothes online from other sites other than ASOS and Top Shop were a little bit mature for me and quite expensive. Michelle


  • Try Angelbub Maternity.  My best friend bought a few really nice things from there. Petra


  • I have my own online maternity shop it’s called Lola maternity and in Mackay based. Also selling baby wearing brands like Tula Kylie
  • ‘Room for two’ in Subiaco (WA) is my favourite maternity clothes shop! Still wear them after being pregnant (not cause I don’t fit my clothes but they so flattering). Jemima
  • Asos for maternity and feeding for sure. You don’t even need ‘maternity’ clothes’. I survived my pregnancy buy just buying a few sizes up. Maternity closes are more expensive than normal clothes. Just purchased a few pants from Belly button and beyond. Or leggings/tights to go under tops (major stretch in leggings). Rachael
  • Motherly Instincts – I got most of my maternity clothes here and most recently an emergency baby shower gift at the very last minute – on line and shop, Canberra. Regan
  • I go to salvos and buy big clothes. Saves me money Raquel
  • I bought everything from asos and they have free shipping, you can return it if you don’t like it and it’s only $6 delivery back to them and they pick it up from your address! You can’t go wrong Natalie
  • Love room for two in subiaco WA . The owner is so lovely and helpful. Jolene
  • Laila & Spot do beautiful clothing for new mums at great prices. Pieces you that are stylish, flattering and made from beautiful fabrics, with all the smarts mums look for. www.lailaandspot.com.au Laila
  • Asos maternity is great and motherworld is great for jeans! Not super cheap but good quality! Tully
  • Online – Isabella Oliver for maternity clothes. Fast shipping from the UK, good quality clothes but not the cheapest.
    Seraphine is also good for maternity clothes – also from the UK. Cheaper than Isabella Oliver. Ashleigh
  • Sussan & jeans west Kirsten
  • I got a few great maternity pieces at Pumpkin Patch Dette
  • Room for 2 in Subi is great. Found some excellent work clothes and a nice dress to wear to a wedding when I was about to pop. Also mothers direct (breastfeeding assoc.) is great for online shopping. Millie
  • I love ripe maternity but they are on the pricier side but their sales staff know what clothes to recommend to make you feel good. I have a few items from Asos but find it a mixed bag when I receive it- some i like some I don’t even after spending so much time choosing it online. Nadine
  • Asps and metalicus Felicity
  • Sussans had a great pair of linen pants I lived in throughout my whole pregnancy. Only available online Melissa
  • Asos is great. Affordable and up to date! Jasmine
  • Bumb baby and beyond in niddrie Victoria and they have online store lots of sales and lovely staff! https://m.facebook.com/bumpbabyandbeyond Nicole
  • QueenBee, soul mothers, angel maternity – love the breastfeeding sections!!! Kathlene
  • I bought a few dresses, tops and shorts from Angel Maternity that have lasted me throughout my pregnancy. They have stores and are online. Angelmaternity.com.au also ASOS, and hennes (h&m) in the uk I got some great maternity wear from. Julia
  • Eve of Eden Ellen
  • Spoil yourself maxi’s were great I was 39 weeks and the dress still kept its length over my bump Rach
  • Tiffany rose in the UK have amazing dresses for more formal occasions expensive but beautiful and good quality. Kristy
  • Queen bee Damaris
  • City chic found in most westfields shopping centres or online. Carly
  • Online-Zulily. Shipping does take a while though. McKenzie
  • Target (buying bigger sizes from their normal section) and ASOS. most of my clothes are ASOS Emma
  • Szabo Maternity in Sydney www.ematernity.com.au Laila and Spot in Melbourne www.lailaandspot.com.au Born Maternity in Brisbane http://www.littleville.com.au/…/vendor/216/Born-Maternity Carolyn
  • Mamaway is brilliant for breastfeeding clothing, I have only just discovered it so didn’t get to try the maternity wear. Dresses available in there and all! There’s 6 stores in Sydney, not sure about the rest of Australia Sam

Where in Australia do you buy maternity clothes, comment below

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