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Best Swim Nappy? We Vote BabyLove Swim Pants

Summer is here. And so’s soaring temperatures the splash of water play and trying to decipher what’s the best swim nappy.

There’s no better memories to be made or time spent together. But one thing that all mums can agree on is that when pool turns to poo it’s not near as much fun.

That’s why choosing the best swim nappy is so important. Because you’ll have peace of mind that your day isn’t going to be interrupted with any little (or worse – big!) accidents.

Why do babies wear swim nappies?

If you want to take your baby to a swimming pool or the beach a swim nappy is a must. A swim nappy prevents your baby from leaving any awkward reminders in the sand or water. Having the right swim nappy for your baby can make swimming with your baby much more relaxing for you – and enjoyable for everyone you’re sharing the space with!

Not all swim nappies are created equal…

What you might not know is that all swim nappies are not created equal. Some can be heavy and a terrible draggy feel. Others don’t fit well, swell when wet and can have disastrous gaping legs. So when you’re choosing the best swim nappy you need to know that it is comfortable, safe and will do the job it’s designed for.

Enter BabyLove Swim Pants. From the brand you already love and trust for day and night nappies, there’s now swim nappies to add to mum’s trifecta. 

Meet BabyLove Swim Pants

BabyLove Swim Pants are the next generation of swim nappies, they’re so much more than any disposable nappy pant you’ve ever purchased before. The team at Baby Love have literally ticked every box us mums can think of with their new and innovative design.

  • No swell when wet 

There’s nothing worse than a swim nappy which looks fine until it’s wet. And then your poor bub looks and feels like he’s lugging around a good half dozen extra kilos. As well as being uncomfortable and unflattering, there’s no fun for bub wearing a bulbous swollen swim nappy. BabyLove Swim Pants are specifically designed for water use and don’t swell when wet. Tick!

  • Soft and comfortable to wear 

Comfort and fit have previously been at the expense of the important job swim nappies have to do. Narrow and tight legs and waistbands can leave red marks and make their longer wear less than conformable. BabyLove Swim Pants are not only lovely to touch but have a comfy 360 degree stretchy waist designed to be soft and flexible, mimicking baby’s movements. When you’re as busy as a toddler at the beach, you definitely want to be wearing a comfortable (and reliable!) nappy pant.

  • Up to the job at hand 

Sure that little toosh looks adorable but it’s important that you choose a nappy pant that’s ready to meet the challenge of the day. BabyLove Swim Pants are designed to catch everything they’re meant to with a thick upper back panel and comfortable yet secure leg holes to reduce icky leaks. Let’s be frank, nobody wants to deal with a code brown at the local public swimming pool – especially not you!

Parents love practical, easy to use designs. The best nappy pants are also easy to remove, particularly when dirty. Suns out, bums out right!? There’s nothing worse than pulling a soiled nappy down baby’s legs. BabyLove Swim Pants are designed to be quickly ripped down the sides (with zero scratchy tabs). This means you can simply tear and then sweep them away with the minimum of mess and fuss.

  • Cute as heck 

Forget ugly old prints – BabyLove Swim Pants are here to not only save the day but look ah-dorable. High five to their team for unisex, bold summer patterns! These up the cuteness factor to a firm 11 and are perfect for that ‘baby’s first swim’ instagram photo…  #summerfun #waterbaby #splishsplash

Choosing the best swim nappy for your bubs

Before you choose your BabyLove Swim Pants, check the size and weight fitting. Making sure the fit is accurate will make the product as effective as possible. BabyLove Swim Pants have a unisex fit and are available in three sizes (small, medium and large). This range spans 6kg to 22kg keeping mums and bubs of all sizes covered.

BabyLove Swim Pants are the best swim nappy for summer

What can we say? We’ve tried them on our little people and there’s a lot to love. From fabulous fit to true comfort, easy to use design and ample confidence of no awkward accidents BabyLove Swim Pants tick all the boxes. As an added bonus they’re cute to boot and your little person will be a true beach fashionista all summer long with adorable prints  you’ll love.

Try BabyLove Swim Pants for yourself and enjoy the difference. You can buy them from your IGA, Chemist Warehouse, Amazon.com.au or Big W  Ready to try them for yourself? You bet you are! Here’s how to win some right now…

BabyLove Swim Pants Summer Fun Pack

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