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Best way to sleep when pregnant

best way to sleep when pregnantUp and down to the toilet, can’t get comfortable, your mind is racing, heartburn….there are so many reasons why sleep during pregnancy can be a challenge.

You should ideally sleep on your left side to maximise blood flow to the placenta. Try to avoid sleeping on your back as it put the full weight of your uterus on your back, intestines, and the inferior vena cava (the vein that transports blood from your lower body to your heart).

Before going to bed try relaxation techniques, a nice relaxing massage or a warm bath (not hot as this may be dangerous for baby).

Tips for sleeping when pregnant from other parents:

  • I had massive problems sleeping from about 28 weeks onwards. Long body pillow as already mentioned (and additional pillows strategically placed) did help. Get a relaxation app for your iphone (if you have one) as I quite often managed to fall asleep while listening to it.
  • Tips for sleeping when pregnant – yep feeling you am 28 weeks and wake up every night at 4am then cannot get back to sleep!….have a meditation tape or ipod next to your bed so when you wake you can listen to it to help the mind relax…also lots of comfy pillows and don’t heat up too much so wear less to bed as heat will keep you awake…..
  • Try a long body pillow, really helped me sleep when i was pregnant 🙂
  • Don’t watch tv before bed, give yourself time to wind down.
  • I found I was overheating in bed, a fan in the room was a real lifesaver and improved my sleep hugely.
  • I also struggle with sleep and am 31 weeks. Sleep on your side with a pillow in between your legs and tummy, less clothing & sleep with a fan. All the tips i have as i do still struggle especially with the bladder 3 or 4 times a dam night, drives me crazy… Goodluck 🙂
  • I found a banana pillow helped me sleep , just put it between your legs
  • A long body pregnancy pillow was a godsend while I was pregnant, had a great sleep every time, look into it 🙂
  • Body pillows are amazing, I got mine very cheap from kmart. Worth investing into one.
  • Avoid coffee and tea at night, don’t drink too much fluid before bed
  • Cleaned all night slept during day.
  • Regular chiropractic adjustments.
  • Get a full-body pillow, or sleep in the recliner or on the couch if that’s where you are comfortable. Try to nap during the day.
  • Try not to drink too much in the lead up to bed so you’re not going to the toilet during the night. Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees or maybe invest in a body pillow.
  • Lots of pillows
  • Sleep where ever your comfy, be it on the lounge, floor or your partners side of the bed.
  • Propped up to help with the heartburn/indigestion later in pregnancy.
  • Spooning my partner, only way I could sleep.
  • Daily exercise.
  • I slept on my side with a pillow between my legs and one behind my back. For early pregnancy I kept a banana next to my bed for when I felt queasy, late in pregnancy I kept mylanta next to the bed for the heartburn.


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