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moonWhat is Dream Feeding? Can dream feeds be done for bottle fed babies and if so how do I go about doing it? I’m getting desperate for some sleep now I’m back at work!

What age did others start and when did you stop dream feeds? Is it hard to stop once you start?

  • I give my 7 week old boy a dream feed and he is bottle feed i give it to him at 11 at night which makes him sleep to 7 in the morning..
  • Dream feed is a feed when they’re asleep & yes of course bottle fed babies can
  • Put babies to bed, then pick them up at about 11 (don’t unwrap or chat to them) and feed them in a quiet room to get them to sleep til later in the morning.
  • Its simple to stop dream feeds, i reduced the time i did them by half an hour each week my son never woke up so i kept reducing it by half an hour then when i got to 8:30 i reduced the amount of the bottle by 50mls once a week he still didnt wake so i kept reducing till it was all gone. By the time he was 6 months old he was able to sleep 7-7 with no dream feed
  • I’m just starting now and my son is 5 months old – I just got the book called ‘Save Our Sleep’ by Tizzie Hall – it has all the information about dreamfeeds and routines in there – well worth getting ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Yes dream feeding bottle fed babies is easy done. Pick up baby, give bottle, gently burp baby by leaning against your chest on a slight angle, pop baby back in bed. They dont generally take in as much air during a dream feed as they are asleep/drowsy.
  • Dreamfeed is usually done around 10-11pm at night to encourage sleeping through the night. I am still currently dreamfeeding my 8mth old. We just pick her up out of bed keep them in a dark quiet ro still wrapped (if they r wrapped) you gently rub the bottle on their lips and they will start sucking they dont usually burp in a dreamfeed once finished the bottle they will push it out and still be asleep then put them back in bed. Iv been doing this for my dd since 3wks and she has slept thru ever since. Not sure when we are going to try and drop it ! Soon i think ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I dreamfed my DS from 4 weeks til 7.5 months. With both bf-ing and bottle. With bottle he just stayed in his cot and burped himself. When he was 7.5 mo my mum was looking after him and forgot his 10.30 dreamfeed and he slept all night (better then with a dreamfeed) so we stopped then!
  • I still dream feed my 17 month old

Can someone please explain ‘dreamfeeds’ to me, I’m keen to try it, anything better than still getting up 4-5 times a night with 7 mo DD

  • I think its when you wake bub up well not wake just hold them while still somewhat sleeping about an hour before they are meant to and feed them. Its meant to prolong sleeping time. . . I tried it a couple of times, i didn’t see much difference but could be different for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Sari
  • i dreamfeed my bub 13wks. ifeed her at around 7pm, the before i go to bed, about 10.30 i get her out of bed, lay her next to me and put my breast to her mouth, she responds without waking, triggers the let down reflex and has a nice old feed whilst remaining asleep. She will usually sleep through till 6am after that ๐Ÿ™‚ Tania
  • I uswd put mi son down at 630 after his feed then just get hime up and give him a bottle at 10 he slept the whole time and went till 6am. Danica
  • Dream feed is usually 10-10.30 whichever suits you best I gently pick up my little one put the bottle to his mouth & he will drink it they are seamy sleeping whilst doing this after he is finished I gently pat his back to get a small burp as have constant issues with reflux then he gets put back down & sleeps till 6-7am. Sarah
  • this is what i think it is… Say u feed her at 7pm before bed and then she goes down for the night. U wld then go into her room before u go to bed say 10pm and feed her without waking her. If she is bottle fed just put it in her mouth while she is still in her cot and if breast pull her out, feed her and put back. Dont even change her nappy. Good luck! ย Sarah
  • My scenario was similar to Tania’s, however I was able to stop the dreamfeed by 6mths as when I would try to wake him a bit he wouldn’t be hungry and would quickly go back to sleep. I’d try giving solids and making sure enough was being taken in during the day. Like we do with ourselves, but still expect a wake up call or two during growth spurts or when teething. Good luck! ย Rebecca
  • I have never been able to master a dream feed with either my bottle fed first baby or my breast fed second baby haha they alwasy seem to wake no matter what I did!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Kristy
  • I give my son a dream feed at 12 and most nights he sleeps through to 6-8 i have found even when he has been sick he drinks this feed better than all his others ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Laura
  • Dream feed has worked for all my 3 boys. They Feed at 6.30pm & bed at 7pm, then at 10 pm gently get them out of there cot & feed. My boys would then sleep through till 7am. If you can get you hands on the book ‘Save Our Sleep’ by Tizzie Hall, she explains it & has some routins that may help you with Bubs sleeping habits. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Dimity
  • wow 4-5 times a night?? surely bub cant be hungry every time. thats alot of times to get up at that age you must be buggered. have you spoke to your child nurse to see if maybe theres something else going on.maybe bub just cant stay settled. ย Kristy
  • Definately look at Save Our Sleep to explain DF & to get rid of that many wakes!! Cold is a huge factor in multiple nightwakings even tho most don’t realise bubs is cold till u start to add more layers. Tizzies bedding guide is avail on her website for $9….best money spent, it’s a big eye opener. ย Krystal

Did you try using a dream feed for your baby? Did it work for you?
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