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Blogger of the Week: Fi Morrison

Over the next few months, Baby Hints and Tips will be showcasing some of the best bloggers across Australia for you to read and enjoy. We know how valuable it can be for mums to read the stories of other mums, glean information from

Hello Fi! Thank you for joining us for this week’s “Blogger of the Week” at Baby Hints and Tips! We’re very excited to be able to chat with you about all things motherhood and blogging. To start off with, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your family?

Thank you for having me! Well, my full name is Fiona but I really prefer to be called Fi. I’m a lucky wife and a first-time mum to a beautiful 13-month-old baby boy. We have nicknamed him Starfish because he used to look like one in his swaddle bag when he was younger. We live in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney, which is close to the gorgeous beach! I’m a part-time Year 2 teacher, a tea and chocolate lover, a Netflix-aholic and blogger. As a little family, our favourite thing to do is play on the beach (Starfish tries to eat the sand…) and go for walks.

If you had to describe your personality as a colour, which would you choose and why?

Well, my favourite colour is Orange, so I will go with that – passionate, energetic, ambitious, vibrant (a chatterbox!).

What does an average week look like in your household?

I’ve just returned to part-time work as a teacher, so no week is ever ‘average’ in our household! My son and I enjoy Playgroup on a Monday, and usually some more hangouts with our friends on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I also try to work from home during those days, usually around his sleeps if I can, and then Thursdays and Fridays I’m at work and my boy is babysat at home (lucky duck). On the weekends I am usually catching up on MORE work while my husband and son play together – and we also try to go for walks, go to church, and/or go to the beach as a family.

You are a blogger over at Mumma Morrison. Can you tell us a bit about your blog?

My blog aims to help new mums on their motherhood journey. As a first-time mum myself, I found the demands and responsibility of motherhood difficult to navigate – I was always on Google, trying to find information and encouragement from a range of sources. My aim now is to be that source of encouragement for new mums, and provide tips and information that will help them on the rollercoaster journey that is motherhood. I share authentic stories of motherhood, professional tips and advice, and reviews of products I love for mums and babies.

How long have you been blogging for? What got you started and what keeps you going?

I started blogging almost 1 year ago, and it initially started as a way of documenting my life with my son. I have a horrible memory, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget anything (plus it was a way to keep my sanity and use my brain before it got lost in the baby brain abyss). Now I’m motivated to help other new mums out there as much as possible.

How do you juggle blogging around motherhood and your day-to-day life? 

Some days I don’t juggle it very well, haha! I try to manage my time as wisely as possible, making the most of my son’s sleep times or at night time after he’s gone to bed. A lot of my blogging focuses on my life with my son, so sometimes I’m able to incorporate the two together

As a first-time mum, what was your biggest struggle?

I found sleep deprivation was one of the most difficult aspects for my husband and I to cope with as new parents. I worried about my son’s sleeping and hoped he would improve – although we were very fortunate that he did so at an early age.

I also struggled with Postnatal Anxiety, which was trigger by my son’s (extremely) loud crying in public. This made me feel alone and isolated as I refused to leave the house, and was then by myself in the house with my screaming child. I wish I knew that this was a common occurrence and that I could have spoken to someone for support. I’m now passionate about raising awareness and helping other new mums get the support they need. 

What is your most embarrassing or funny motherhood story (to help us all feel better about motherhood?!)?

Off the top of my head, the most embarrassing thing I can remember is having a few friends around to visit my son and I. While my friend was holding him, my son ended up doing a big poo that exploded through his clothes, and went onto my friend’s clothes as well. I was so embarrassed, but he took it extremely well and had a great laugh about it.

What is/are your best baby hints or tips for new mums out there?

Try to find some other new mums to connect with – they will be your lifeline on most occasions, and will help you understand your experiences as a new mother. Also try not to worry too much about the opinions of others when it comes to your decisions – everyone has an opinion about something! Choose what is best for you and your child/family and be comfortable and happy with your choices.

Thanks for joining us this week Fi!

About the Author:

Fi Morrison is a first-time mum to a beautiful baby boy, who inspired her to start a blog at Mumma Morrison. She aims to support new and prospective mums in their motherhood journey. Fi also works part-time as a primary school teacher. You can follow her on FacebookInstagram  or Twitter

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