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Bloody show/Mucous Plug

What is a mucous plug?

It is a clear or cloudy white plug that seals the opening of your uterus to protect your uterus from things like bacteria.

Sometimes blood (from small blood vessels breaking during dilation) gets caught in the mucous and so it can be known as a “bloody show”.

Why does the mucous plug come free?

This occurs when your cervix is ripening and the plug is loosened.  It is a gelatinous substance usually about 5 cm long.  It can be lost slowly over days or weeks or at one time.

Yesterday I went to the toilet and there was clear jelly like discharge and last week I had that as well. But today there was a clump around the size of a 20 cent piece of light pink discharge, which I’m guessing was my bloody show. My question is how long after everyone had their bloody show did you go into labour?

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  • I had a bloody show 3 days befor my bub was born, but was still having small shows while i was in labour. Everyone is different, ask your midwife at your next appointment.
  • I had my show with no 2 at 36wks and was induced at 41wks-
  • I’ve only ever had 1 show and ive had 3 kids and it was weeks before i went into labour, but yes every1 is different.
  • 37weeks. Had bub at 39+5
  • I had my show 6 weeks before i went into labour everyone including the doc though i was going to go early but he managed to stay in till i was 38 weeks. Everyone is different but i assume your not far off good luck =) Xxx
  • I lost my show at 31 weeks and had bubs at 32 weeks :)) good luck your fully term now just wait and watch for other signs of labour, it won’t be long now :))
  • I had my show and went into labour that night!
  • I had my show at 30 weeks and I was induced 5 days after my due date
  • I had my show at 30weeks, had bub at 39weeks.
  • I had no show with my first (waters broke first) but i had a show with my second. it happened at 8.30am and i went into labour by that afternoon. good luck for the birth! :o)
  • About 8 hours after my show. That was my one and only prelabour sign.
  • had my show with my first just hours before I went into labor, and with my 3rd I had my show at 39 weeks and was induced at 41 weeks
  • Same day – good luck!
  • A couple hours before contractions started 🙂
  • That night!
  • I gave birth the nxt day 🙂 not long 4 u now
  • i had my show at 26 weeks and they thought i was going into preterm labour but ended up going until 38 weeks when my waters broke and my son was born 12 hrs later 🙂 could be hours, days or a week or 2 til bub comes.. Hope all goes well 🙂
  • 10 days before
  • I was in labour for 36 hours….i had my show at 7am, started pushing at 7.30am and my little man entered the world at 9.54am 🙂 but they had to break my waters in the middle of the night
  • yep i went into labour the same day
  • I had pains on the Saturday arvo, had my show on the Sunday morning (due date), went to hospital at 8:30pm because the labour pains were unbearable, they sent me home with painkillers and sleeping tabs because i was ‘only’ 2cm, I went back because the painkillers did nothing, I spent 11 hours in the shower, had pethadine, gas, an epidural and oxycinticin and had an epesiotomy and forcepts delivery at 4:30pm Monday. Oh and my water broke when the midwife was pushing around feeling bub after i had the epidural. lol, getting back to the question, i was having labour pains before my show 🙂 But everyone is different.

Share your experience with losing your mucous plug and how long before labour started in the comments below

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