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Induction of labour occurs in one in three pregnancies in Australia.  Induction usually occurs if pregnancy is overdue (more than 41 weeks) or there is a medical reason for example baby’s growth is delayed. 

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“I’m booked in to be induced next week. What can I expect?”

What should I expect from induction of labour

  • Both my babies where induced and it’s very painful because you don’t get the lead up to labour its just bang and there   Candice
  • I was induced with my first son and it was fine. I had my water broken and the pitocin drip contractions stared immediately and my son was born in 3 and a half hours drug free. Good luck Teagan
  • Painful everyone is different though! All the best and I hope you have a quick labour   Crystal
  • I’m sorry to say but painful lol make sure your support person is ready to really be there for you and have a list of all the pain relief natural and medical you want to try good luck xxx   Tiff
  • I was induced at 34+6 due to waters breaking early, from the time the pitocin was started and my boy was born was 3 hours. I only had gas, yes it was painful but I don’t have anything to compare it to either. Good luck x   Brooke
  • Extremely painful and after 12 hrs I still didnt get very far and ended up with emergency c section   Donna
  • Long and painful I recommend epidurals lol mine was a 29 hour labour   Kylie
  • Being induced tends to make labour faster, more compact and more intense but over alot quicker. Good luck hun. Just remember, every contraction is one closer to meeting your bubby. Xx   Lyn
  • I was induced at 42 weeks and I’d have to agree – painful! I didn’t get a break between any contraction and went for 24 hours. After about 12, I had an epidural with drs advice as they said I’d have no energy to push without a rest. As much as I didn’t want it, it turned out to be the best thing ever! It gave me the chance to sleep and rest. Good luck x   Amanda
  • Agree with the two ladies above, I was induced 7 weeks ago with my first as he was overdue and it was nothing like I hoped or wished for. They put the gel in and boom it was on for 12 intense hours. If I had my time again I would have asked for an epidural before they induced. I wasn’t able to have one in the end due to staffing issues!! I hope your experience isn’t like mine, i have heard mant different and happy stories. Good luck.   Tash
  • I was induced at 39 weeks, after laboring for 15 hours I needed an emergency c-section. Everyone’s experience is different but I do think being induced and my body not being ready contributed to my c-section!   Lisa
  • I’ve had 5 bubs,only one induced.. just had waters broken and that was enough to get things going and labour was 1hr,intence but drug free    Renee
  • Mine was very similar Kylie! I had 3 lots of gels, they broke my waters & put me on the drip.. 40.5hrs later my son was born with the help of forceps as he’s heart rate dropped dramatically and he needed to come out right away.   Leighsa
  • I had a good experience being induced, mine was a 5hr labour only had gas, contractions were super intense but I used breathing techniques which helped a lot – but yes everyone is different, good luck and you will be cuddling your bub in no time    Sarah
  • I was induced due to preeclampsia and went in at 10pm. Had the balloon overnight and slept. Morning time at 9am they broke my waters, bubs born at 12:30pm. An hour and a half of which was pushing as bubs got stuck so my experience wasn’t bad from the being induced point of view. Others problems were due to preeclampsia but that’s different    AJ
  • I was induced at 41weeks and 5days and it was ok I only dilated 2cm in 18 hours an ended up with an emergency c-sections but that’s because my baby was lazy and big lol   Melissa
  • Doctors said because it was first baby I would only need one gels, they were wrong, the third lots were so bloody painful    Leighsa
  • Painful!!!!!! I was in tears!! Plus most of my labor was back pain! Ended up having morphine. I recommend it!!! Knocked me out in between contractions and made everything much faster. My labor was 8.5hrs. Good luck!! Xx   Chantelle
  • I would avoid unless the life of you and baby is at risk. It forces baby out before its ready, and starts the cascade of intervention, and you’re likely to have a c section   Simone
  • I was induced at 39 weeks, I didn’t find it more painful than my previous naturally occurring labour. Everything just happened a lot quicker! I think as I was prepared that it was going to happen I coped with the fast pace of it all. Just try and get a good nights sleep before hand (if u can) that was definitely the main advantage as with my first I went into labour at 10pm and was absolutely shattered by the time I needed to start pushing. Good luck    Alysia
  • I was induced and didn’t think it was that bad.. After they broke my waters and started me on the pitocin I had 2 contractions and then I got an epidural so didn’t feel anything after that. Only took 9 and a half hours which isn’t long compared to others.   Melissa
  • Painful! I had 6 gels at 40 weeks and labour took over a day to kick in and was in active painful labour for 27hours before my daughter was born, no pain relief. NEVER AGAIN!   Rebecca
  • I went into natural labour with contractions for over 24hrs there wasn’t much progression so they induced me with the drip and omg the contractions came on fast n the pain was to much to bear that the midwives insisted on an epidural cause they could see the pain I was in. My personal choice is if I would to be get induced again I would get an epi with it. Everyone is different n people can tolerate different levels of pain.
    Good luck and wishing you all the best    Joanne
  • I had gel at 7am, nothing happened during the day. Another lot of gel at 6pm, and had my baby at 2:25 am the next morning. Around 5 hours of full on labour, waters broke themselves. Have nothing to compare it to as it was my first (being induced again next week). But I didn’t think it was bad. I wouldn’t complain if I had another labour like that. I was 38 weeks when induced.   Oh, pain relief was the pethadine shot and gas.   Terri
  • I was induced with all 5 of mine. I won’t sugar coat It….it’s bloody painful. Contractions come on hard and fast but it’s usually a quicker labour than going in natural. They also broke all my waters and all bubbas were born within the next hr of that happening. But we are all different. You may find your experience totally different! Good luck. X   Hayze
  • My friend was induced at 43wks!! they used gel and the a drip on a monday morning, then 48hours later on the wed morning she had her boy. She said it was so intense straight away.
    I was 41weeks in very early labour (wasnt painful, was just annoying) and it went on for 14hrs. So at 630pm they broke my waters and it was pretty intense from there. Good luck.   Louisa
  • I was induced with my 2nd baby intravenously, wasn’t too bad, 6 hour labour. 3rd baby was just with 1 application of gel, went along on my own after that, 9 hour labour. 4th baby was just 1 application of gel then my waters were broken, very fast labour of 75 minutes!   Nicole
  • I was induced both pregnancies. I had gel first time which my daughter was born seven hours later and 2 and half weeks ago was induced with the drip which I felt was fast and hard. my daughter was born 3 hours later. contractions came quick   Kez
  • I loved being induced, yes its more painful but that’s only because of how quick things are. Personally if rather a painfully fast labour than a dragged out over hours/days labour.   Nicole
  • I didn’t need the gel, they broke my waters instead. Dr saw me a couple hours after that and started the drip. Wasn’t long when contractions came. They got hard and fast after a couple hours. When I decided to get the epidural they were coming almost on top of each other, so painful!! Due to my son not progressing and my exhaustion, I had a c-sect. Luckily I did because the Dr said I wouldn’t of been able to push him out myself. It was all calm and lovely really. I wasn’t one that was set against anything, I went in with an open mind and the goal was to birth my son the safest way possible for him and me. Although sometimes I do wish I went into spontaneous labour as I’ve heard the drip makes contractions worst   Vanessa
  • Sorry but I found it the worst birth experience. Ive had a natural labour and a induced one now and my induced labour was with #2 and ive never felt such pain. It was horrible and im not in a hurry for #3 at all!! Best birth control ever!   Jess
  • For me it was the worse thing ever. I was induced because the dr was worried about my son getting any bigger and me not being able to deliver him due to the size of my pelvis & the size of bub. After over 24hrs of contraction pain, with no breaks like a normal labour I then had to have an emergency c-section. I wish I never let the doctor talk me into it. Infact, next time if my baby is large again I will be just going in for elective c-section. And I have a high pain threshold, it was the fact that there was no breaks between the contractions. But everyone is different   Skye
  • i’ve had 2, both @ 38+5 weeks. Incredibley painful, the contractions get very painful very fast with little break. But on the up side I had a less than 7 hour labour and then a less than 3.5hr labour.   Catherine
  • I was induced at 36 weeks. I had gel inserted 3 times before I was given an epidural, had my waters broken and the drip started. My son was born 5 hours later. As I had an epidural I was completely pain free. (I originally wanted a natural drug free labour. But things change Good luck!   Erin
  • I have two dd’s. My first i had to be induced and it was horrific. They induced me way too quick kept putting the drip up. My body was telling me too push but my dd wasn’t ready to come out. Her heart rate dropped she got stuck and needed the suction to get her out quick. It was very scary. When i was pregnant with my second i told my NEW DOCTOR there was no way i was going back to the first that i would not be induced. He read my history and said no if you run into any trouble again then a c section would definitely happen. As it turned out my second dd came all on her own no drugs no drip and was my easiest labour. I would really question why they are making you do it. Good luck   Kelly
  • Depends if your dialated or not already as I was 2cm for both bubs at 39 & 38wks so just had my waters broken both times and had a 5 1/2 hour labour with gas & pethadine and a 2hour 40min labour with gas. I’m 32weeks pregnant with 3rd bubs and am getting induced in 5/6weeks so will probably go faster then the other 2. It does hurt but is over quickly   Carley
  • I was induced with my son. I had the gel put in at 8:30p.m. and had my son at 7:50 the next morning, with just one shot of pethadine for pain relief. I don’t have any other children so have no way of comparing, but I started getting period like cramps almost immediately after gel, then steadily got worse and was in “true labour” (when you can’t talk through contractions anymore) at about 1:00a.m. It was painful, but all labours are painful whether induced or not – my best advice is to just relax about the induction – you will deal with labour in whatever form it comes in and the midwives will guide you through all your pain relief options as they would in a naturally occuring labour. Wishing you all the best   Shelley
  • I was just induced 2 weeks ago, I won’t lie, the drip brings the labour on very hard n fast. Ask for drugs, epidural, anything u can first up! As you will want something!! 4 children, 3 induced n one c section.. Ask for the drugs! lol n good luck   Kim
  • I was induced with bub 5.  I had 3 failed attempts after bubs heart rate went sky high was c-section time first for both, it was bloody horrid   Libby
  • Horrible!! It ended in a c-section so I can never be induced again thankfully but even if I could I wouldn’t. It was fast, painful & horrible, didn’t feel natural at all.   Gemma
  • I was induced at 42 weeks. I was brought into hospital at 8pm where they gave me the gel- then was ment to ‘sleep’ but mild contractions started. At 8am water was broken and drip given- then it was the most painful intense contractions and didn’t give birth until 2.30pm- drug free   Kylie
  • I was induced with pitocin after waters broke prematurely and no labour, it was definitely intense and not at all quick lol, didn’t make a lot of progress for the first 12 odd hours, had an epidural for the last 5 hrs (thank god!!!) and 24 hrs later and an hr away from c section I had my girl, hoping I don’t need inducing in the future!   Sarah
  • I was induced for 2 of mine my 1st I did not need the gel went straight to drip and braking my waters had baby 3 hours later and with my 3rd baby had drip and water broken had baby 4 hours later (9 and a half pounds) yes it hurts yes contractions come hard and fast gas is great if you vomit after using it for a while it is not the gas it’s the labor if you needs drugs get them don’t wait till its to late.   Kristy
  • I had the gel in the morning and had my waters broken at lunch time then went into active labour. I found it to be painful but that’s how labour is. Some women breeze through it and others find it painful but there are ways to get through it. My husband was great he just kept saying to think that once the bub is born its over and I did and it made me focus on meeting our little one instead of the pain. My little one was then born at 10:50 pm so not that long in the grand scheme of things.   Melysse
  • It is not impossible to go without drugs if you are induced. I allowed myself to be induced as I didn’t know better, I only had gas.   Simone
  • I had my waters broken as I wasn’t dilating past 4cm, after that there was mec in the waters so they wanted to start the drip but couldn’t because my bp bottomed out then I had an epidural and his heart rate went funny about 5 hrs later they started the drip and three hrs later I was pushing and he was here, 2nd stage of labour was only minutes as his heart rate went funny again and I had to be cut abs he was suctioned out. Was nil by mouth and almost a emergency section   Shelley
  • I was induced at 40 weeks + 5 days. I got to the hospital on a Monday at 4 pm, doctor gave me the gel at 6 pm.  At 3 am the next day I started getting loose bowel movements (I think it’s my body’s way of getting ready for labour) then contractions started at 5 am. My water was broken and they gave me the drip around 7:30 am – 8 am and by 9 am I had an epidural.  By 5:56 pm, my baby girl was born. It was the most intense experience of my life. The drip made the whole process quicker.   Tatika
  • I had the gel at 5pm and was supposed to get the second lot at 11pm but they thought I was proceeding fine so they didn’t do it. The next morning they changed their minds and I got the drip inserted at 7am and my waters broken at 7.30am. The pain was instant. By 11.30 they gave me an epidural, but due to complications with my baby (I only made it to 7cms dilation before his heart rate dropped and his head ended up stuck sideways in my pelvis) I ended up going for an emergency c-section at 5.30pm. I won’t lie, it does hurt a lot so be very open to all pain relief on offer.   Tegan
  • I was induced at 4pm and had my son at 11pm. I had gas for the last 2 hours.I had the drip and I asked to make sure that the drip was slowly turned up and they agreed. The pain progressively got worse… It wasn’t full on straight away. Labour hurts no matter what. Everyone has horror stories but it is only 1 or 2 days of pain out of your life for many days of love and happiness. Just stay focused and try to ignore the pain talk yourself through each contraction and reward yourself with something in between contractions.   Kirsty
  • First lot of gel at 8am waited waited, second lot of gel at 3pm. An hour later contractions started, 3 hours later my waters broke, 15 hours of labour later and my daughter was born. I don’t know if it was more painful than natural labour or not as she is my only child. I had pethadine for pain relief, but needed more so had the gas which didn’t do anything for the pain just made my head feel all fuzzy. So I then got an epidural, heaven absolute heaven if I ever have another one I will opt for it as early as possible. Having a baby is painful and it can be scary but you get through it one way or the other and the end result is worth it – best of luck   Hannah
  • I’ve had a ‘natural’ labour and an induced… I disregarded everyone else’s opinions on both knowing that every labour is different, I think best thing I ever did BUT here’s my story anyway.
    I was induced with no#2 at 39wks, waters broken at 7am.. Nothing happened so had pitocin drip in for about half an hr before her heart rate dropped severely, luckily I had an amazing ob who didn’t stress so he just took out the iv and had her heart rate monitored nearly instantly her heart rate went back to normal (thank god cos otherwise I’d have had an emergency csec). Contractions started a short time after coming off the drip… Were a lot more intense then with my first but I was really relaxed and just walked them off, once they progressed and got to where they stopped me in my tracks I decided to get in the bath for pain relief then 15mins after that (and after having to get out of bath with the urge to push) she was here and a healthy 8lb 13. From first contraction to her arriving was 1.5hrs…. More intense then the first but nowhere near unbearable. Go in trusting your medical professionals but especially your body and no matter what happens or how, you will be holding that beautiful bubs soon   Roddena
  • I was induced due to preclampsia with my first and my god it was PAINFUL! Contractions started straight away and they were intense not even giving me 1 minute to rest inbetween! I ended up with an epidural because I was so stressed and blood pressure soared through the roof! I finally met my baby after 24 hrs!!! My second babies birth was totally different as I went into labour on my own the birth was totally drug free and lasted only 40 minutes!!! All births are different you might have a great easy birth or a long intense birth it could go either way!   Tammie
  • I had the gel inserted at 5pm, by 7pm I was having contractions every 5mins. Had to have drip inserted & waters broken. I had gas first then epidural. Bubs heart rate dropped & I failed to progress so ended in emergency c/sec after 23hours of labour. Bub was born 24hours after gel was inserted & I was exhausted!   Nat
  • I was induced at 40 weeks due to hypertension, had the gel the night before, woke up at two in the morning and my waters broke, nothing happened for ages though so they started me on the drip. bub was born at 6.30 that night. i had gas and pethadine, but it wasnt fast or really painful until the end. And yes the bath for pain relief was wonderful, I would of had him in there if i could lol. As said before i think everyone is different and it depends on the reasons for being induced.   Nyssa
  • I was induced at 38 weeks + 4 days due to hypertension!
    I was given two lots of gel the night before to soften my cervix & get things going…
    I woke up 3 cms dilated! I felt mild cramping throughout the night.
    My waters were broken at 8am… I was contracting at 8.30am – by 11am I was 8 cms dilated!
    I started pushing at 12pm & my baby boy was here at 12.39pm!
    4.5 hours all up for me! I enjoyed my experience! I won’t say it didn’t hurt but like days above every woman is different I used gas & morphine for pain relief! I wouldn’t recommend morphine it didn’t work for me & made me feel awful!  I didn’t have to get induced by the drip because my labour kicked off from breaking my waters!    Jodie
  • I went in the night before and had the gel put in, and then more gel in the morning. My waters broke on their own and 3 hrs 38mins later my ds was born with no drugs. With my dd I went into labour naturally and she was born 2hrs and 42mins no drugs and I found the discomfort/pain the same.   Cassandra
  • I was induced with my first it it was fine. And in labour for 37hours. Second child i went into labour. Felt the same.   DeeDee
  • The process of getting induced at first is boring! you get hooked up to a monitor for a while then the midwife puts the gel into your cervix which in quick but a bit uncomfortable, then you have to be on the monitor again for like an hour to measure if your having contractions! i was so bored and sick of laying in bed! when i got my second dose of gel it was a bit more intense and i started getting heavier contractions. they do 3 rounds of gel and if that doesn’t put you in labour you will go on a drip! I was only in labour for 6 hours all up but ended up having an emergency csection as bub went into distress. Good luck hope all goes well!   Megan
  • All my kids were induced its painful as hell but so worth it first was 14 hours 2nd 6 hours 3rd was 2.5 hours   Christine
  • My induction took 3 days to complete. It was the most exhausting process of my life, not to mention the 15 hrs of labour that was still yet to come. I am sorry to say but don’t get your hopes up for a natural birth either. I ended up getting to 10cm and then being told I was being taken for an emergency c section because my son had gotten his head stuck in my pelvis and each contraction was pushing down on his head making it swell. Don’t get me wrong, the time was worth it and was painfree as I have a heart condition so wa s gicven the epidural pretty much immediately after my waters breaking., howevee it was that physically and emotionally exhausting that my partner and I are actually seriously rethinking having more in the future. TFuture births for me must follow the same procedure too though because of my heart.   Tegan
  • It was great with my 2. Induced by iv at 9 and first was born at 2.05pm, second time induced at 9 and born at 12 noon, so both very fast. I remember it hurting at the time but I don’t remember now, 2 months later. It was very fast.   Catherine
  • I started labour naturally. Started contractions Tuesday got checked tuesday night i was 2cm Wednesday at 9am and was only 2cm My contractions were real intense by 6pm and I was still only 3cm almost 4 in a contraction I couldn’t bare the pain so I had gas til midnight and got a epidural at 5cm…Then my labour stopped! I had to be given the drip to start it again and I had my daughter Thursday lunch. It hurt alot more having the induction drugs even when I had the epi in but my epi wore off and I had to increase the amount of drugs   Sherrin
  • I was induced with number 2 and 3. Number 2 i had the gel, waters broken and the drip all pretty much straight after each other and the contractions started straight away at 4 minutes apart. My son was born 1 hr and 25 mins after the drip went in ! So all up i was in the delivery room for only 3 hours and an hour and a bit of that was monitoring before hand ! Very intense labour but i only had gas. Number 3 was born only 9 days ago and it was a very good labour. I was induced with the gel at 730 am, had my waters broken at 930 am and the contractions picked up at 11.30 and my 2nd son was born at 1.51pm that day ! I felt alot more in control this time and breathed through each contraction, i had NO drugs at all !! The cord was wrapped around his neck twice but as soon as his head was out they noticed and i stopped pushing and they got it off. If we were to have more children (we are NOT) I would have no problem being induced again.   Michelle
  • Ive been induced once (8hr labour) and gone into labour naturally once (5 hr labour), i think they both felt very similar. labour is labour and its going to hurt which ever method gets you there.   Alicia
  • Birth all together is painful.. I had a baby induced and a baby born naturally and hurt all the same ..   Hannah
  • I was induced and it was really painful, I wanted a natural labour but ended up having to have the epidural beause my contractions where 2mins apart and I was only 4cms dilated.  My labour in total (including what they call pre labour) was 26hrs actual labour 14hrs.   Kelly

 What was your induction of labour like?

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