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Breastfeeding concerns for Dad

BreastfeedingFTM…I am planning on breastfeeding, and have a semi supportive partner. I think he’s accepting of the fact that it’s going to save money and it’s natural, but he’s very thingy about anyone seeing my boobs but him. Is there anyway to make him less protective?? I will use Muslin wraps and maternity singlets and bras but he is still worried about me breastfeeding in public. It’s a natural thing and hardly any of the boob is seen anyway, how can I make him understand??

  •  Also look up the Australian breastfeeding association and talk to someone their. They are so friendly and will give good advise about how to explain and make him understand. They will also guide you about expressing.   Sally
  •  Get a breastfeeding cape, they are a god sent, you can still see baby and you are all covered so no one can see you, I am a bigger breasted person and they covered everything..   Karen
  •  Take him to an aba meeting, and antenatal classes. Breasts are not just sexual organs, give home some books to read. Don’t fall for the ” I want to give the baby a bottle at night!” That lasts once, and then most hubby’s say they have to work, breast feeding is natural, normal, and you see more skin on teenagers than breast feeding mums. He needs some education.   Fiona
  •  My husband felt the exact same, told me he didn’t want me feeding infront of anyone and I was to go to parents room or another room if we were home. But it alllll changed once bub arrived. Once he saw how this whole parent thing operated he quickly adapted to the need to feed at any time and not always being able to feed in private. With a wrap you will be covered up and things will fall into place breastfeeding is a wonderful thing – good luck on your adventure!   Nomes
  •  Do you have any friends who have breastfed? Perhaps if one of their partners talked to him about it from another males perspective? You could always try and put his mind at rest, pointing out that there are often parents rooms or more private areas you can feed in. Breast feeding doesn’t mean you have to sit out somewhere very public if you don’t want to (but if you want to, that is all good too!).   Louise
  •  Breastfeeding can be very hard to start with and you need all the support you can get. My bubs hated being covered up when feeding so a cape was not an option. The problem is that if you don’t relax it makes the whole process harder and you don’t need the extra pressure from your partner? Call the breastfeeding association now before bubs arrives for some help and advice and try to do a class with your partner so he can understand what he needs to do.   Jo
  •  I’m really shy and I had the hang up about feeding in front of people- but early on it seems like u never stop feeding and it can b so lonely hiding in a mothers room or a bedroom alone. I bought a nursing cover from babybutton (she’s on Facebook) and loved it- so discreet!!!   Jade
  •  Express for when you need to go out?!   Shantel
  •  My partner was the same kinda when i was preg, but now our daughter is 1 and i just feed her wherever and whenever and it took him about 2 months then he was on board with me lol. he will get over it. also no one sees your boob cause babys head covers it lol.   Dakota
  •  I’m sorta in the same situation as you except it’s more me a bit embarrassed about other people seeing my breasts, so I’ll be as discreet as I can be, I’ll have nursing singlets with lose fitting tops over the top, otherwise breastfeeding covers.. I’ll probably go somewhere private to feed most of the time anyway.   Sarah
  •  Wear a vest underneath and loose fitting top on top. I breast fed in public quite often and never had any accidental flash episodes. Good luck.   Claire
  •  He may never understand! I’ve got three kids all breastfed for over a year. My third is still breastfed at six months. I try to respect the fact that my husband is uncomfortable with it. I time feeds as best as possible to avoid feeding in public. I go to a feeding room when available. I feed in the car if out for dinner etc. With three kids sometimes it is not possible to avoid feeding in public so I will try to sit behind the pram and put a blanket over me. He has become more relaxed over the years, he knows that sometimes it cant be avoided and the baby just needs a feed asap. Hopefully your partner will relax too once he says you feeding and realises it can be discreet.   Emma
  •  My husband was similar…as soon as we had our daughter it was like a mental switch just flipped! He accepted breast feeding in public was sometimes necessary, but most places we went (like shops) had feeding rooms that I utilized. Personally, I wear a bonds singlet with a bottom up top or a swoop neck.   Terese
  •  Unclip the singlet, pull open the top & my scarf covers bubs face normally.   Beck
  •  There’s no reason why you can’t meet him halfway on this issue. Most modern places (but not all) have an area where women can breastfeed privately. You do not have to feed in public. You can express beforehand, in fact, I recommend getting a pump to help with your supply anyway. You can get the breastfeeding cape as well. You have to be careful showing boob in public, even though breastfeeding is encouraged, there are always some asshats that will try to kick mothers out of establishments. With a cape, or a feeding cover, you can be sure that you are well covered from any prying eyes. Your partner will be happy, your baby will be happy, which will make you happy too.    Melissa
  •  My daughter thinks of her boobs as portable milk bottles for bubs, just wrap a shawl around you if you have to feed in public or use the feeding rooms supplied at most malls. Good luck.   Sandy
  •  Maybe look up a few more wraps/ feeding covers. You could also look into expressing and freezing your milk so when you need to go out you can take a bottle of breastmilk with you.   Sally
  •  I nurse in private solves a lot of drama.   Gemma
  •  My husband attended an ABA learn to Breastfeed course with me before bubs was born and learnt so much that I think privacy became a secondary issue. Once he learnt. Narelle
  •  just feed your baby, you don’t need to be stressing about his issues about breastfeeding your bub, most of the time in public your pretty well covered by bubs head anyway.   Megan
  •  When it comes to feeding in public it all depends where you are. You can often find a parents room to feed or a quiet corner. At doctors surgery etc I always asked if there was an appropriate place to feed bub and they invariably find a room to feed. And really are you truly going to keep them out any longer than necessary? He will have to deal with the midwives in hospital though.   Rosalie
  •  I usually go to the car or parent’s room. When out to lunch and no parent room option I feed at the table. It can be done discreetly- I always try to choose a table against a wall, facing away from as many people as possible.   Kasey
  •  They are to feed your baby. I’m sure he will come round with it.   Kirby
  •  My husband was fine with our first while breastfeeding in public but the second time round he has been really insensitive and sometimes made me feel like a leper. I always use a cotton wrap to cover bub and boob. He will get used to it.   Nel
  •  Understand you want your partners support and don’t want him to be weird about the breast feeding but seriously after the baby is born life is hard enough. The last thing you need is to be worrying about him. The welfare and health of you and the baby should be his priority. He’ll get over it. Good luck.   Fiona
  •  It’s overwhelming and embarrassing for a couple of weeks, but once you and baby really start to bond and become in synch with each other it won’t be such a big deal- and your husband will be the same. At the moment it seems crazy that you’ll ‘have your boobs out’ but it is nothing like that and he will eventually see once baby is here and feeding. Good luck and wishing you all the best!   Kasey
  •  I express when I need to go out or use the parenting rooms at shopping centres and if out somewhere else just pop a blanket or wrap across your shoulder.   Hailey
  •  I also agree with purchasing or making a breastfeeding cape. You can buy off ebay or use a large muslin wrap and throw it over your shoulder. I always enlist the help of my husband to make sure he helps me while in public so that I am covered up. So he holds the wrap over my shouler while I adjust and get baby latched on.   Daphne
  •  You can get covers at toy world toys are us there better then trying to hold a muslin wrap in place, dont let anyone talk you out of breastfeeding if its what you want to do. Shelley
  •  I wear breastfeeding tops or button up. Shopping centres all have parents rooms now – most are really nice. And you will be able to cover you and bub with a Muslim wrap so it’s still cool. I’m quite paranoid in public too and have found that if you prepare, it’s really no problems at all. People don’t even realise what you are doing.   Nashur
  •  Don’t worry he will change his attitude once bubz arrives.   Jessica
  •  I used a blanket over my shoulder and bub while out in public that way your covered over no one can see your boob while feeding.   Megan
  •  You can get actual breast feeding covers.. Makes life so much easier.   Amie
  •  Google discreet public breastfeeding together might calm him down about being able o do it inus ooby showing.   Stacey
  •  Get some proper breastfeeding tops. angel maternity has some great reasonably priced ones. If you wear those it makes everything very discreet. Practice at home first do he can see what it is like when you are feeding I one of these tops as you don’t see anything as the babies head is blocking everything.   Jo
  •  Using the private baby change rooms when you’re out and about might help him feel more at ease.   Nicky
  •  Stick to your guns. If you have your heart set on breastfeeding then basically keep bugging him, lol. Tell him what it means to you and explain that you don’t actually have to flop your boob out in front of people, you can do it quite discreetly!   Linda
  •  Most places have nursing rooms and you can always express bottles for bub if it’s too much of an issue sometimes. I found just t-shirts were the best for breastfeeding and I became much more comfortable and more discreet once I started wearing them.   Chloe


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