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Breastfeeding discreetly for the larger busted Mum

Breast-feeding a newborn baby. The kid in its mother's breastHow on earth do you discreetly bf in public when one boob is 3 times the size of baby’s head? Any tips appreciated, best clothing brands, wrap choices?

  • I don’t cover up, it’s too awkward and I can’t see how much baby is latched/feeding. Ellie
  • Breast Mates have some awesome breast feeding tops that mean you don’t have to show all of your breast or tummy Anna
  • I wear a nursing tank and then a Tshirt over the top. That way there isn’t a lot of skin getting cold! With a bit of practice bub is on without fuss. While I was getting confident at attaching, I threw a muslin over my shoulder and chest, got bub on then took the wrap off (he isn’t a fan of being covered). I love the feeding tanks from Best and less. $15, lovely thick fabric. Kat
  • I hear you! Lots of feeding top options aren’t a good fit for me and I haven’t mastered the feeding cover. So I wear a supre mini skirt under largeish/flowy tops. This covers my tummy and means I can just lift my top to feed without showing heaps of skin. Jo
  • get yourself a breastfeeding cover/hooter hider. Etsy has some great pattern ones but you can get them from any baby store. You don’t need to tie anything, just pop it over your head (like an apron) I am a G-H cup since breastfeeding so am not fortunate to discreetly feed in public – the covers are my saviour!! Claire
  • Hahaha…same here…I got myself a breastfeeding cover fron The Peanut Shell range…the reason I chose this cover was the fact that there is a curved metal at the top to be able to look in and having big boobies and getting baby to latch is another story while sitting. Erika
  • I have 22GG sized boobs. First off you can get singlets that are especially made for breastfeeding. Which I usually wear under tee shirts or other tops. Secondly you can get feeding covers that will give you privacy. Thirdly if you wear the right fabrics (clingy fabrics) you can often just flop out boob and put bub on boob, then pull your top down to baby’s mouth and hide the top of your boob that way. Bub will hide the rest of your boob. I too was shy at first at breastfeeding in public but on our recent road trip with my mum/ her nana I began breastfeeding without cover as it was just too hot. As the weather cools down I will probably return to covering up so as to stay warm as my covers were the Aldi ones and they’re made of a very warm fabric that clings to most clothing. Heather
  • Breastmates have the best feeding singlets! They attach into your bra. I wore them under normal tops made finding and wearing clothes so much easier. I never wore a cover, so awkward for both me and the baby. I went to the parents room where possible and if I couldn’t I just sat in a spot that wasn’t too much in the middle of everything. Faced the corner if in a cafe things like that. If you get really stuck, just go to a change room and feed bub there Karli
  • One Crazy Mumma do custom feeding covers if you are feeling self conscious I always used one when bubs was small as i found my boobs were bigger than her head, as she got bigger and it became easier I didn’t use it as much Rosie
  • I wear Target brand maternity bra singlets under my t-shirts – tummy is covered that way and I just lift my t-shirt. Bonds and k-Mart also do the singlets but Target’s it’s more of an actual bra built into it. Sarah
  • I breastfed for a year and always looked ahead for either feeding rooms or just popped a nice blanket on the back seat of the car, turned on the air con or heater and put a towel up on the window – beautifully private Wendy

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