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baby on pottyI am looking for elimination communication advice? Has anyone tried this with your baby? Did it work and was it worth it?’

  • Yes it’s awesome! There’s an EC support page on FB if you’re interested!  
  • I used to do that with my first two babies every time I took their nappy off, just to avoid being urinated on, I had no idea it was called EC though…I just didn’t want them to get me was all. It worked great though. Blyana
  • We tried it for the first time with my 6mth old- he was more interested in playing with the potty then going. But hopefully it work were going to keep trying! Emma
  • I didn’t read a book or anything but I have been sitting my daughter on the toilet and reading her signs and she has been pooping in the toilet 90% of the time since she was 6 mo (on solids). Now at 21 mo she goes over to it and says poopoo and loves getting stickers for it (we started at 18 mo) we use cloth diapers so its soo nice not having poop in them! Rachel

I’m after some free resources about elimination communication?

  • I’m surprised no-one has gone off their rocker about elimination communication! Every time I mention it, I get all sorts of abuse. Good on you for looking into it! I had my girl started at three months, she was dry all night by six months (due to a lot of different reasons we’re now having some trouble but nonetheless). I can’t think of any places off the top of my head, but try talking to older generation mums, they might be able to tell you all about it, these days it’s ‘wrong’. It was a lot more common back then. Good luck! And your baby will be happier for it! Casey
  • Great Facebook group American but a good group all the same. Teagan

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