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Starting Toilet Training

starting toilet training Why did you start toilet training? Would you do it for this reason again?

  • So he was ready to start kinder, hopefully my daughter will be trained earlier than he was. Mum of Lachlan 3 ½, Isabelle 2 ½
  • I started as he knew when he was wet/soiled and took his nappy off. I would certainly wait until my daughter is doing this to start toilet training her. Mum of Jack 2.5y, Emma 8 months
  • My daughter initiated it, I would definitely wait for a child to initiate it was very easy this way. Mum of Rochelle 3.5yrs
  • He was interested in the toilet and yes I would use it again. Mum of Dylan 5 yrs, Jayden 2 12 yrs, Lochlan 1 yr
  • I had a newborn. Yes. Mum of Miss SPK 2.8 yrs Master TRK 13 mths
  • I started toilet training because I got sick of changing nappies. Mum of Kaylee 3, Zac 2, Tahlia 8 months
  • I originally started toilet training when my son was about 10 months old as I had heard about elimination communication and thought it sounded too great to get a head start on toilet training. It was hard at that age and I wasn’t really into it. We started toilet training again a few weeks ago as my goal is to toilet train my son by the end of the summer, as I think by the time next summer he will be too old (he will nearly be 3 by then), and I feel it’s easier to toilet train during summer so he can just run around in undies at home. Mum 21month old(boy)
  • We thought he was old enough to learn, and 30 months was recommended in books.
  • I’m just starting today and I’m not looking forward to the messes ill have to clean but I’m just going to grit my teeth and not turn back! Except at night ill keep some nappies for sleeps.  Cassie


Did your child show signs of toilet training readiness and what were they?

  • Taking nappy off if it was wet or soiled. He would tell me it was yucky. Mum of Jack 2.5y, Emma 8 months
  • Asking to use the potty. Grabs at her bottom sometimes when she needs to go and may need prompting. Mum of Rochelle 3.5yrs
  • Yes. She was aware when she did a wee. Mum of Miss SPK 2.8 yrs Master TRK 13 mths
  • They both showed interest in the potty. Mum of Kaylee 3, Zac 2, Tahlia 8 months
  • I don’t think he was showing readiness to begin with, but when I started putting him on the potty, he understood pretty much straight away that it was the place to do wees & poos. Mum 21month old(boy)
  • No signs. Mum of Daniel 10y.o., Emily 23 months
  • I waited til DD was ready which she showed slight interest at about 18mths but not ready. We would occasionally sit her on toilet/potty as did daycare. It wasn’t until she was 35mths that she wanted to one day wear knickers and we know could pull her own pants up and down so went on her cue and from that day she hasn’t looked back (we haven’t night trained her yet as not really ready…wakes up saturated). It been 1.5mths and we only had 2 accidents in entire time and that was in first two days. We based the training lightly around the 3 day potty training and when i say lightly is they say to night train at same time which we didn’t do. No probs with poohs in potty which I heard can take longer but she took to the potty and toilet really quickly.  Tran
  • Some of the signs are- verbally telling you that they need to wee/poo before they do it, telling you that they’ve done it in their nappy, taking their nappy off when wet, taking their nappy off to wee(on the floor etc), showing keen interest in you going to the toilet, an interest in knickers/jocks, copying you on the toilet, grabbing onto their nappy as they pee, doing a ‘i need to pee’ dance. There are more signs, and a child doesnt have to show everyone of those signs..but id recommend to mums that their lo show atleast a minimum of 4 signs before starting. They recommend starting in summer, probably because its.best to train your lo in little to no clothing at the start. So in warmer months. IMO though, I think its best to strike while the irons hot..not wait for the season.  Tamara
  • Best tip, wait till they are ready and don’t rush it, let your child set the pace.  Also think about what you will do when out and about and don’t have access to a toilet.  Elise

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