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General Toilet Training Advice

What are your general toilet training tips for other parents?

general tips for toilet training

  • I am a firm believer in no food bribes. Start when they show signs, do not push them into doing it if they are not ready. This can make them go completely opposite way and not want to go at all. Making it more stressful for the mum/dad/carer and upsetting them both and making it a lot harder to train them. Mum of Jack 2.5y, Emma 8 months
  • Wait until they are ready, lots of praise and be patient. They go lots in those first few weeks so be prepared. We did it in stages and kept nappies on when we went out the first few weeks, best if you are in no hurry to reach the end result. Mum of Rochelle 3.5yrs
  • Consistency – consistency – consistency – once you start no matter how painful or frustrating don’t stop – and don’t use Pull Ups – always use undies…. Mum of Miss SPK 2.8 yrs Master TRK 13 mths
  • I’ve conquered mostly everything when it comes to parenting – not always perfectly but I always get there in the end – with potty training though, I seriously have doubts I’ll ever get there – I can just imagine it now, spk when she is 22 still in bloody Pull Ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mum of Miss SPK 2.8 yrs Master TRK 13 mths
  • If you are going to start then you need to make that desicion, my first child I stopped and started for the first few months cause I did not like having to clean up the accidents but that is part of them learning. Mum of Kaylee 3, Zac 2, Tahlia 8 months
  • We have a little box with some books and toys that we keep next to the potty – my son loves reading his “Toilet Time” book – it teaches him about using the toilet/potty, and also has a “flush button” that he can press – he’ll sit down while we read the whole book and sometimes do a wee or poo at the same time. Mum 21month old(boy)
  • We did not use a potty, we bought a child toilet seat that fitted under our seat, and a little step so he could climb up himself. Once he decided to use the toilet we used to put his seat back so it was always ready for him to use. It was suggested to me not to use a potty because you have to retrain them to use the toilet. I think the hardest part was when we went out and Daniel had to trust us to hold on to him on adults’ toilet and not let him fall in. Mum of Daniel 10y.o., Emily 23 months
  • If using a potty leave it where your child spends most of their time eg: toy room, lounge room. Never sound disappointed when they have accidents. Mother of Dylan 5 yrs, Jayden 2and a half Lochlan 1 yr
  • Let your child have lots of nappy free time to learn how it feels when they wee. Mum of Sammy 3y.o



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