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Childrens Analgesic Recall

Several batches of children Ibuprofen and Paracetamol children analgesic have been recalled by Symbion, in consultation with the TGA.

The packaging has  an issue that may cause the grooves which secure the lids to break off during opening. This then poses a choking risk if the user does not identify the issue, should a small piece fall into the liquid.

Batches included are:

Chemmart Ibuprofen children suspension (6 months to 12 years)

  • IA50030 (expiry date: 06/2017)
  • IA45163 (expiry date: 05/2017)

Chemmart Children’s Paracetamol (6 months to 12 years) Concentrated

  • IA45031 (expiry date: 10/2016)

Pharmacy Choice Ibuprofen Children’s Suspension (6 months – 12 years):

  • IA50026 (expiry date: 06/2017)
  • IA50044 (expiry date: 06/2017)
  • IA45162 (expiry date: 05/2017).

Customers are advised to return the medicine to the place of purchase for refund or replacement.

For further details please refer to the TGA website.

chemmart-and-pharmacy-choice-ibuprofen-childrens-suspensions-and-chemmart-childrens-paracetamol-6-12-years-concentrated-01 chemmart-and-pharmacy-choice-ibuprofen-childrens-suspensions-and-chemmart-childrens-paracetamol-6-12-years-concentrated-02 chemmart-and-pharmacy-choice-ibuprofen-childrens-suspensions-and-chemmart-childrens-paracetamol-6-12-years-concentrated-03 chemmart-and-pharmacy-choice-ibuprofen-childrens-suspensions-and-chemmart-childrens-paracetamol-6-12-years-concentrated-04 chemmart-and-pharmacy-choice-ibuprofen-childrens-suspensions-and-chemmart-childrens-paracetamol-6-12-years-concentrated-05 chemmart-and-pharmacy-choice-ibuprofen-childrens-suspensions-and-chemmart-childrens-paracetamol-6-12-years-concentrated-06

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