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5 ways to encourage kids giving back at Christmas

In this day and age of, ‘give me, give me, give me’ and ‘want, want, want’ it’s becoming all the more important to encourage our kids giving back at Christmas time!

This year, encourage your children that gift giving is not only rewarding, but it can feel just as good as getting that bike you always wanted! The younger you start building compassion and the art of giving during this special season, the more likely your children are to be aware of the world around them, and hopefully they’ll become a little less about the ‘want’ and more about the ‘give’.

Kids giving back at Christmas – 5 simple suggestions!

Here are 5 beautiful and easy ways you can uplift the spirit of Christmas in your home this year by giving, donating or creating.

Do you want to instil a humble and charitable spirit in your children this holiday? Check out these 5 ways to encourage kids giving back at Christmas!

1. Reverse Advent Calendar

The concept of a reverse advent calendar is simple. Each day during Advent, children can donate one thing to a basket or hamper. On Christmas Eve this hamper could be donated to a local charity or given to someone you know who is in need during the Christmas season. The hamper could include:

  • non-perishable food items
  • Handmade Christmas cards and/or crafts
  • A few toys that the children bought with their own money
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Toiletry packs

2. Give a Handmade Gift to Teachers, Neighbours or Friends

Sometimes, a handmade gift is the best gift of all. Rather than encouraging our children to delve into the world of consumerism each Christmas, why not teach them that gifts made with love and care are far more cherished than those bought at a store?

3. Donate to Charity

Donating to a local charity as a family can become a meaningful, yearly tradition for your family and help your kids giving back at Christmas. Consider:

  • Operation Christmas Child: Work with your children to pack a shoebox full of goodies that will be received by a disadvantaged child on the other side of the world. Learn about the process here.
  • Kmart Wishing Tree: The Kmart Wishing Tree has been a long tradition within the store, delivering gifts to children through the Salvation Army or Mission Australia. Pop into your local store, take a tag off the tree and choose an age and gender to receive your gift, chosen by your children.
  • GIVIT: GIVIT offers you a specific service where you can search for your area and find out what type of items charities need. You can then wither drop off, or arrange postage of your items. Jump online with your family and search for a need that you are all able to fill here.

4. Volunteer in Your Local Community

Volunteering in your local community during the Christmas season, or even on Christmas day allows your children to make local connections that will last them for years to come. Try calling your local radio station to check for charity drives, or simply call your local council to ask where your children’s help could be needed and appreciated!

5. Sponsor a Child

Why not sit down as a family and decide to sponsor a child this Christmas? Your children can input some of their pocket money each month and in turn they’ll receive the gift of knowing that they are assisting another child live, learn and eat through their contributions. They’ll also get the chance to build a life-long relationship and make great cross-cultural connections, giving them a better awareness of the world around them!    

At Baby Hints and Tips we’ve got you covered for making your Christmas fun and rewarding for your whole family! For more information about the joy of giving at Christmas time, check out this blog post.

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