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Best Christmas Ideas for Toddlers

best christmas presents for toddlersBest Christmas ideas for presents for toddlers: What was your toddlers favourite Christmas present? New book? Which toys have they pretty much not touched?

  • My son will be 20months on the 1st, his favorite toy is his woody doll. His fav new book is a toy story book. And I don’t regret any of his presents.  Amee
  •  My son is 20 months. He got a pool and a sandpit. Both total winners! Also got a few bits of clothes, some toy cars, books and some togs and beach towel ready for swimming lessons in the new year. So far no regrets in this house.  Mandy
  •  13 months, loves the fisher price baby grand piano and little people farm set. Only got 1 new book, but not interested ATM. All toys have been touched!  Jamie
  •  Dd loves all toys lol specially her baby doll (i got her a cheap one as a trial run before her bday so i can see if a baby born is worth the money or not) she is 22mnths.  Jess
  •  3yr Old Son love his Little People Race Track. 10month Old Son loves his Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy.  Jennifer
  •  18 months old, she loves all her dolls, her cozy coupe & is excited for us to put her pool up! shes been playing with everything but they are her favs her fav book atm is her head shoulders knees and toes bok because shes just learnt the dance lol.  Bianca
  •  My son is 2, His favourite present is his kitchen, hiis favourite book is actually the dr suess books he loves them all and he has played with all his toys although mess wise I regret his kitchen lol.  Ashleigh
  •  Boy (almost three) – trampoline is the fave. So glad we bought it. He likes all his new books and doesn’t really seem to have a favourite as yet. No, don’t regret any presents. Except for the fact that I’m constantly picking them up! Girl (16mths) – fave is a teaset (Fisher Price). Again doesn’t seem to have a favourite book, likes them all (they got about 4 each). And same answer for whether I regret any toys.  Carla
  •  Miss 19 months loves her trike so much we have to bring it inside and she watches tv on it. !  Kristy
  •  My girls are 5 & 3 their fave Chrissy presents were Peppa pig house for my 3yr old & totem tennis for the 5yr old. Didn’t get any new books & I’m not regretting any toys except that I have toys everywhere now!!!  Kylie
  •  Girl 6: fave toy is leap pad, books is anything princess or fairy. she has a few toys that havent been touched yet but slowly everything is getting played with no regrets. boy 2: fave toy is a mini quad bike 6v, fave book is wonky donkey but its not new.  Stacey
  •  My dd is 2 and she is loving her sand a water play table and blackboard/whiteboard stand thing!  Meg
  • 22 month old daughter is loving ALL her new dolls (she has about 10 now!!) and her stroller, porta cot, swing, backpack and highchair for her dolls.
    Fav new book that I got her is Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair (She already had Ella Kazoo Will Not Go To Bed and loves it!) She thinks her new baby sister is a pretty amazing gift aswell, kind of a christmas present cause she was born christmas eve and my daughter didnt see her till christmas morning!!  Laura
  • 26 month old son – Little tikes cozy coupe and an electric car. Loving the leap frog tag junior, he has requested the thomas book though. He does play with just about everything and will find them in a few days and be like christmas all over again. LOL  Elizabeth
  • My eldest daughter’s (5) favorite present is her leapfrog game console & her barbies
    . (i could have saved my money and not gone ott with the little Santa stocking extras most have been thrown out)
    My middle baby girl’s (3) favorite present would be her Jessie doll (toy story) and her learning Alfie robot. (could have saved my money on stocking fillers also). My son (16mths) loves his sisters toys especially ken. And is also enjoying his wooden trucks.
    (could have saved my money on anything that involves patience or doesn’t have sound lol)
    And my husband is loving my girls furbies they got, it’s just a shame he doesnt know how to share.  Chelsea
  •  Miss 4 ( almost 5 ) got a T.V. With inbuilt DVD. Found it great when she needs time out (she has 4 brothers 18, 16, 12 & 2 ) and master 2 got a new bike so he can go riding with miss 4 ( he needs to ride for physio therapy ).  Tracy
  •  Girl 4 and boy 3 have not put down their new leap pads!! Being we are away they haven’t opened some presents so not regretting anything just yet!! At the moment their fav books are where’s Wally as they are books they can do themselves as there is no actually reading involved!!  Kristy

 What do you think are the best Christmas presents for toddlers?

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