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Circumcision Sydney

Circumcision is a procedure Sydney residents might be considering for their little one because of religious, cultural or health reasons. This is a big decision and it’s important to understand the laws in place around circumcision in your state. So, for your convenience, we’ve drafted a list of how and where you can get your child circumcised in Sydney. It’s important to note that this article is only a guide and it’s necessary for you to meet with a doctor before making this decision.

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What is the process of getting circumcision done in New South Wales?

Like everywhere in Australia, circumcision is not available in any public hospitals in New South Wales (including children’s hospitals) unless for a valid medical reason. Not many boys will need a circumcision done for medical reasons and if you think your child does it’s crucial to talk with a medical professional immediately. In order to get a circumcision done for other reasons, you will need to get referral from your GP to go to a specialist clinic. For the safety of your child it is recommended you get this process done after your child is 6-12 months old, in order to avoid complications from the anaesthetic. It is also necessary that the procedure is undertaken by an experienced surgeon who will provide the necessary care for your child (medicine for pain, correct management of complications, etc.) For more information read this factsheet made by the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Sydney Circumcision and Brit Milah (Bris)

While in many states it is illegal for circumcisions to be undertaken in synagogues, this is not the case in New South Wales. A Brit Milah (circumcision undertaken by a Jewish mohel) as part of a naming ceremony can be preformed in different ways according to the specifications of certain synagogues. Many will often let the ceremony to occur in either the shule or your own home. You should contact your synagogue to find understand the details of their ceremony.

Circumcision Clinics in Sydney

Sydney Metro

OZMed Medical Centre – 471 High St.Penrith, NSW, 2750 – (02) 4732 4488

iFamily Medical Centre – Suites 4 & 5 / 171-179 Queen Street, Campbelltown, NSW 2560 –  (02) 4620 5050

Eastern Sydney

Randwick Specialists – 103 Botany Street (corner of Botany St and Magill St), Randwick, NSW 2031 – (02) 9326 6826

Western Sydney

Gentle Procedures – 9/151 Wellington Rd, Sefton NSW 2162, Australia – (02) 8488 7119

Optimum Medhealth – 42 Macquarie, St Parramatta NSW 2150 – (02) 9002 0777

Specialist Medical Centre – 3 Kempsey Street, Blacktown NSW 2148 – (02) 9621-5399

Norwest Private Hospital – 11 Norbrik Drive, Bella Vista NSW  2153 – (02) 8882 8882

Sydney Adventist Hospital – 185 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga NSW 2076 – +61 2 9487 9111

Dr Bell Obstetrics and Gynaecology  – 142 Tuckwell Rd, Castle Hill, NSW, 2154 – (02) 9894-0040



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